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Two Fire Emblem Characters Join Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros - Chrom | oprainfall

The latest Super Smash Bros. character reveal, live-streamed this morning, showcased a face who was bound to return—Captain Falcon—as well as two new to the series. Gamers who know their history might remember that Marth and Roy were in Melee, and brought interest in Fire Emblem to the West. But many were expecting Chrom, the main character from the latest installment Fire Emblem: Awakening, to join the roster.

Super Smash Bros. - Captain Falcon
Glad to see this face make a return, though.

As it turns out, he has not yet been confirmed, but did make an appearance at the end of the trailer. The bigger news, however, is that not one, but two other representatives from Fire Emblem: Awakening were revealed to appear in the game. The trailer opened with a duel between Lucina, the princess who disguises herself as Marth early on in Awakening, and Captain Falcon, and the cutscene looked straight out of Awakening proper.

Super Smash Bros. - Lucina
Yup, she does.

Then came an unexpected new face to the Super Smash Bros. stable: Robin, also known as the avatar from Awakening. One can play as either the male or female version of Robin. As in Awakening, this character is quite versatile, breaking the sword-only character stereotype brought on by previous Fire Emblem characters in Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. - Robin
Well, well, well…

With Marth and Ike returning, and Lucina and Robin joining the Super Smash Bros. roster, there are now a record four characters from the Fire Emblem series making an appearance in this iteration. And I can’t wait to try the latter two out.

Were you surprised by Lucina and Robin’s reveal? How about Captain Falcon’s grand reappearance? Finally, now that Sakurai is, in his own words, “nearing the bottom of the stash” as far as new characters are concerned, who do you think is next? Let us know in the comments! And for those craving more Smash news, check out our own Josh Speer’s Smashing Saturdays editorial series!

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS is coming to the West on October 3rd (October 4th for Australia), with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U following this holiday season.

Will Whitehurst
Will joined the Operation Rainfall Campaign soon after news broke of that infamous French interview about Xenoblade. Subsequently, he got actively involved and became a staff member in July/August 2011. He is currently the head of the Japanese translation team, and loves to play, discuss, debate and learn more about games. Will gravitates towards unconventional action games and RPGs, but plays pretty much anything except Madden. He is also currently attending college, honing his Japanese skills and preparing for medical school. (Coincidentally, Trauma Center is one of his favorite game series of all time.)