Star Citizen

Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts has issued the following call to action on the Facebook page for his upcoming PC open-world space combat and trading game Star Citizen:

Hi Chris Roberts here!

I would like to hit $1 million by 10 am PST Thursday.

So we need to raise $58,112 in the next 11 1/2 hours!

If make this target [sic] we’ll add 500 in game credits to all current backers ship packages as a little gift back to all the early supporters!

It could mean the difference between the basic targeting system and the multi-target tracking one!

Lets show the world that space sim fans mean business 🙂

Star Citizen amassed over US$800,000 of its US$2,000,000 minimum crowdfunding goal within 5 days of its unveiling at the 2012 Game Developers Conference Online last week. As of this writing, it has raised US$963,970. Crowdfunding for Star Citizen will end in 22 days. To back the game, visit the Star Citizen crowdfunding page.

To learn more about Star Citizen, visit the official website or read our summary of Roberts’ Star Citizen presentation at GDC Online 2012.


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