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NOTE: This article is from the oprainfall Campaign Hub, written by an independent campaign, and hosted on the oprainfall website. The opinions herein may not represent the opinions of oprainfall.

Operation Hero is campaigning to get Dragon Quest 7 for Nintendo 3DS and Dragon Quest 10 for Wii U or 3DS localized in North America and Europe. (We added 3DS to Dragon Quest 10 after the recent announcement of the 3DS release in Japan.)

Once Dragon Quest 10 was released in Japan on August 2nd, 2012, many Dragon Quest fans expected the game to come overseas after the successful sales of Dragon Quest 9 on 3DS. It’s been almost two years since the original Dragon Quest 10 Wii release in Japan, and North America and Europe have yet to see Dragon Quest 10 localized to the rest of the world. Dragon Quest 10 is the first MMO game in the series, which many fans would love to get their hands on.

In addition to DQ10, fans have been striving to get the Dragon Quest 7 remake on the Nintendo 3DS. With the improved 3D graphics, the shortening of the extremely long dialogue and hours of gameplay, the remake is something almost all Dragon Quest fans want to add to their collection.

Some might argue that the lack of sales for the Dragon Quest series is the reasoning for Square Enix and Nintendo’s hiatus from localizing both games. Operation Hero’s goal is to show both Square Enix and Nintendo that there is in fact a large dedicated fanbase outside of Japan, and we will let our voices be heard. You can help with supporting up by signing our petition¬†and by liking our Facebook page.

Operation Hero
Operation Hero is a campaign that is seeking to localize Dragon Quest 7 for the Nintendo 3DS as well as Dragon Quest 10 for Wii U or 3DS.

114 thoughts on “CAMPAIGN HUB: Operation Hero Dragon Quest Campaign

  1. If the games were bringing in the numbers seen in Japan, we would have all the DQ games by now.
    And contrary to what people say, DQIX and VI didn’t sell that well outside of Japan.

    1. False! 9 sold well over 400,000 copies, 6 well over 100,000. Quite foolish you are.

    2. What exactly is your problem asshole? People feel passionately about a series and want to do what they can to make it available to them. That’s what started Op Rainfall in the first place. What are you, a publisher, a defeatist, or just a troll? Either way, piss off.

    3. When he said 100,000 isn’t much (6 sold far more), I knew I couldn’t take him seriously.

    4. 122,000 in 2011. I believe 170,000 by now. Kemme guess, you’re one of those brainwashed fools that think Reagan had a crystal ball and knew Bin Laden would become a turncoat 20 years after we helped him drive away the Russians.

      So 100,000. 6 sold well.

    5. Its ok guys, Giordan is just another hater. Emo kids give him a boner, you’ll get your FFXV soon mate, be patient..yep.

    6. Wow, look. It’s another asshole.
      I don’t hate Dragon Quest, I just think the chances are slim.

    7. Like I said, youll get your goth punk lovin soon enough from SE. Yakuza style too.

    8. Nothin wrong with it, just ahh, keep your used needles away from me, kay kay?

    9. I have yet to see a “genuine” doubt yet, that is beyond a “ERMAHGOD ITS A MMO DQ IT WILL FAIL!” so please, give me such a doubt, so as I may clear it. Dont be like the other guy who didnt wanna give any reasons other then “its a mmo”. Please be smarter than him.

    10. Not really, you shown nothing about “Doubts” other than “ERHMAHGOD ITS A MMO DQ IT WILL FAIL BECAUSE MMOS ARE ONLY FOR NO LIFE PEOPLEZ!” and yet to show any reasonable doubt, so give me some doubts, about the game, ignore the mmo tag and be smart about it, and I will tell you why it will be fine.

    11. AGAIN, Tales of Graces f sold more than it.
      Hell, SMTIV sold more. And it’s on a system fewer people own.

    12. HELL, even Persona 4 Golden, a VITA game AND a port of a PS2 game, sold better than DQVI on DS!

    13. You’re a naysayer. I suspect you played a similar role when Xenoblade was being rallied behind.

    14. All the more reason you shouldn’t be here. You’re clearly just trolling for the sake of it.

    15. I’m not trolling. I’m thinking realistically. The game is almost 2 years old and DQVI on DS didn’t do so hot.

    16. Yes, we heard similar objections to Xenoblade, Bravely Default, and Tales of Graces. All of which were campaigned for, all of which turned profits. In the case of Graces, it lead to a full scale revival of the series here in the west.
      You are in the wrong place for naysaying. And ‘realistic’ is merely a catch all for ‘trolling’ in this case. You have nothing to gain from the efforts you’ve put into talking down others beyond some thin sense of self-satisfaction in thinking you’ve negated someone else’s hope. Now fly away, little gnat.

    17. Also, Tales of Graces f sold 280,000 outside of Japan, which is more than DQVI.

    18. If ToGf sales were a little less than this number, it surely would have bombed.

      Graces localization was way more costly too, english dub,etc, so 100k really didn’t damage DQVI.

    19. What about Okami? It’s sold a total of 550,000 and is considered a commercial failure. AND it didn’t have voice acting.

    20. Okami had AAA budget.

      550K with all the sales combined, isn’t it? If we count only the PS2 release, is even less.

      Tales of used to have way more modest budgets back them, and ToGf is a port HD too. It wasn’t that costly since most of it was already made on Wii.

      DQIV/V/VI for DS were really cheap too, ArtePiazza used most of the resources from the PS1 version of DQVII.

    21. And DQ 9 crushed that. Clearly. Tales of Graces sold quite well, should be published here, but lacked compared to DQ9. Your point?

    22. Your bitch ass whiny because every point you’ve made has proved you wrong?

    23. For NISA or XSEED, 100,000 units is good, considering most of those games don’t do so hot in both Japan and the West.
      For Dragon Quest, it’s barely 1/10 the number sold in Japan. Hell, even DWIII on NES did better than DQVI on DS in NA.

    24. If compared to Japan. However, they still had a decent profit with IX and VI localizations to justify them.

    25. Hey, idiot, one thing I forgot about 9….it sold better in Europe than North America.. I also forgot to mention that after 9, they re-printed 5, which had initially not sold well, and they made good on it. I suppose they’d have reprinted 5 if 9 was a flop?
      Maybe under your “logic”.

  2. Furthermore, one more argument in favor of localizing DQ7 is that the game was never published in Europe.

  3. (DQ9 was in the NDS, not 3DS)
    Lets hope we europeans can finally get our hands on DQ7

  4. The article forgot to mention the decent sales of DQ6. Contrary to the lie often spread, it sold well.

    1. 100,000 isn’t that much.
      Tales of Graces f sold more. around 280,000 outside of Japan.

    2. 100,000 represents a profit, you fool. If not every bit of profit counts, then you’re business is not one I’d invest in the stock of. 100,000 IS a lot, so go educate yourself you ignorant little punk. And Tales of Graces’ sales mean that the Tales series should most definitely be published. Uneducated idiot.

    3. No it isn’t. Stop trying to be a contrarian for no other reason than to be a dick.

    4. 100,000 is considered a success. You are clearly uneducated or indoctrinated. One of the 2.Its been fun smacking you around!

  5. I’d love to see the 3DS games come (DQ7, DQM1, DQM2, Pirate Slime). I’m pretty much at the point where I’m considering importing a 3DS LL and all of those games, as the lack of any announcement so far is leaving me fairly convinced they’ve abandoned DQ in the west and its the only way I’ll get them.

    But as huge a DQ fan as I am, even I don’t believe that SEnix should bother with localizing DQX. We’re talking about a fairly niche series in the west already, and as popular as MMOs can be, I just can’t see DQX doing well since there are many of us who refuse to play any MMOs, let alone for niche series here. My fear is that if they haven’t already abandoned DQ in the west, the high likelihood of poor sales for DQX combined with the high cost of localizing an MMO would cause them to abandon it.

    I’d love to support Operation Hero, but not as long as they are trying to beg them to bring DQX here. Its just too risky for the long term viability of DQ in the west.

    1. Then you should be at least supporting the other titles. This isn’t about X so much as general DQ.

      As for 10, I plan to import the All in One package when its released next month.

    2. False. X is wanted by old school mmo players who played FFXI and Everquest back in the day, due to alot of mechanics and elements the games share with DQX, their are alot of players who would want DQX once they find out how similar it is to FFXI.

    3. I am correct, this campaign is about all Dragon Quest. The operator of the campaign is on my FB friend list, so I can direct you to him if you wish to chat.

    4. I played EverCrack “back in the day”. That’s exactly why I do not play MMOs now and exactly why I would not play DQX.

      But, keep on with your false assertions. You seem to be assuming that everyone thinks like you, and you’re pretty much completely wrong.

    5. You are the one thats wrong. your no DQ Fan, if you were, you would know alot better about DQX, and you would know that its taken all the good parts of the old school mmos, and very little of the bad that you seem to be so afraid of. Tell me your fears, I will easily quell them. I know enough about the game from all I seen and researched on it to flat out tell you that it is DIFFERENT, from the mmos you and the others with MMOphobias are so scared of.

    6. You know what, screw you little internet troll child. I’ve probably been playing DQ since before you were even born. I’m done discussing anything with you, you are just bringing the overall level of intelligence on this board down. I am sad that DQ has “fans” like yourself, giving the rest of us real fans bad names.

    7. Very immature, read what I said above and try again. Your no fan btw, not with how your trolling and being a detriment. I am thirty years old btw, so yea.

    8. 30 and still living in mommy’s basement, eh. Sad and pathetic.

      I can disagree and I’ve put out a rational opposition to requesting DQX. I’m not the only one who feels that way. If you’re so desperate to play it, import it. Or have you never done that as a DQ fan? I’ve got SFC copies of DQ5, 6, 1+2, and 3, a GBA copy of DQM3, the PS1 DQ4 and PS2 DQ5, and the 25th Anniversary Wii collection. Don’t ever call me not a true fan, pathetic little troll.

    9. Again your trolling and being very transparent. You know you are wrong thus you resort to insults and false accusations.

      And yes, I have videos of myself playing DQX on the PC. VPNs are a pain to deal with but gotta do it.

      Your still not a true fan if you let the “MMO” title scare you.

    10. “MMO” doesn’t scare me. I DON’T PLAY MMOS, which you’re too dense to comprehend. Period. Even a hand-crafted, specific-for-me MMO I would refuse to play. BECAUSE I DON’T PLAY MMOS.

      And I have such a deep, abiding love for Dragon Quest, that I am hoping we don’t get ONE GAME, so that we can hopefully get ALL THE REST. Because that one game has so much risk for failure, and localization would cost so much more than a non-MMO would, that a failure on that level would be catastrophic to our chances of getting ALL THE REST of the Dragon Quests. I am willing to sacrifice the opportunity to get one game (that I wouldn’t play anyway), to give me a better chance of getting ALL THE REST of them.

      And good, you play DQX through a VPN. I’m glad that you’re getting your fix. Please don’t ruin our ability to get ALL THE REST of the Dragon Quests because you’re obsessed with an MMO that in all likelihood would sink the series in the west. You are no true DQ fan, you are an MMO-addicted DQX fan, and that is it. Because you so selfishly would try to sink our chances of getting ALL THE REST of the Dragon Quests for one, high risk game.

    11. If you cant play a mmorpg, then I guess you cant play RPGs either. All mmorpgs or MORPGs are is a massive online game with heavy RPG elements, depending on how the game is designed, it could be more heavy into the social need thus necessity to group and play with others end *Everquest, FFXI, FFXIV for examples* or towards the do what you want, playing with others is not required end *PSO, PSU, DQX*

      DQX again, is the same as all the other Dragon Quests you played, it just has MMO elements to it, you can still play it solo, you can still do everything in it at your own time at your own pace just like any other single player Dragon Quest, it is simply online and thats why you think it will fail, because it is online mmorpg. If the game was redesigned to be exactly as it is, but without the need to be online to play it, I bet, 100 percent, you would be wanting the game badly. That is all their is to it, that is why I an thoroughly convinced, you done absolutely no research into the game, at all.

    12. *bows to Chris’ obvious and overwhelming superiority on the internet*

      You sir, are the most amazing, rational person, and everything you have said I now consider the gospel. How can I continue to argue with you over your obviously correct statements? Please, tell me all the rest of your opinions so that I may adopt them as my own, because I clearly lack the ability to form my own opinions based on my own research and my completely irrational conclusions!

    13. I’m on your side w/ the DQ10 released in America thing, but I hate to break it to you- this guy is still a DQ fan and he just crushed you.

    14. He crushed himself, like I said in operation hero site, your pretty stupid to think so. He flat out showed he knew nothing about the mmo market at all, knew nothing about how well most of the DQs sold over here, and constantly refused to tell me anything about why he hates DQX, other than its a “mmo”.

      Now, dont get me started with you, I still got tons of fight, and im willing to “Crush” you too if need be. Hes no DQ fan mate, if he was, he wouldn’t be so against DQX.

    15. Lol its so cute that Chrissy here thinks people actually care about his opinions. You keep on thinking that, its hilarious just how much “thought” and “effort” you are putting in to convincing us that you are so right and trying so hard to change anyones mind. It doesn’t even phase little Chris that he is coming off as a complete jackass to everyone, and actually making me dig my heels in more. You can’t change my mind, you look like an ass, and carrying on does you no help. Just drop it, you’ve lost this “debate”.

    16. Why would anyone care about the opinion of a non DQ fan like yourself, who made no research into a game, only hating it because it has the “mmo” tag? Like I said, if you did some research, you would not be hating it, please do not say anything at all about DQX until you know it inside and out and can give reasons to your hate of it. Hating it for being a “mmo” is not enough.

    17. Who cares about my opinion…? You seem to care a whole lot about my
      opinion. Seeing as how you keep coming back to try to convince me I’m
      wrong and somehow not as much of a fan as you are. My opinion seems
      pretty damn important to you. If you didn’t care, you’d drop it.

      hey, I find your frothing-at-the-mouth ranting hilarious. I hope you
      waste more of your time writing a few more walls of text that I’m not
      going to bother reading. Hold on while I go make some more popcorn.

    18. No, what I care about, is you no longer posting anything negative about a game you did no research on. We don’t need or want it here. If in the 1 in a million chance, SE or Nintendo reps look at the comments on this page, it would be harmful for DQX if they see ignorant people, spewing hate about the game when they don’t understand anything about it, like you. I dont care about convincing you, what I do care about is for you to stop bashing a game you know nothing about.

    19. And as I’ve said, I know plenty about the game. You’ve just made assumptions out of your own ignorance, because you are so desperate for a game that I’d imagine even SquareEnix and Nintendo are smart enough to be concerned about. And if they aren’t concerned, they really should be (and I HOPE they read this). Because DQX failing in the west would very likely bring down the entire series’ chances in the west.

      Quite frankly, I love this series so much that I am actually afraid of a few nutjobs like you actually convincing them to bring it here and destroying our chances of getting the rest of the games. You clearly don’t remember how we never got the SNES games in the great DQ famine of the mid 1990’s. As I’ve said before, a real DQ fan who has paid any attention at all to how the series has fared in the west, would not be encouraging them to bring DQX here. Because its far too risky and its failure would be catastrophic. People like you are so damn selfish and haven’t even thought through the implications of what you with respect to the reality of how DQ has been selling in the west.

      As a true DQ fan, a western localization of DQX’s nearly inevitable failure scares me, and I want to make sure EVERYONE thinks about the consequences of what they are asking for. DQX in the west is very likely the death of DQ in the west. Its too bad you don’t care about DQ enough to want to actually protect its chances of coming here.

    20. Then you dont really know the game, you say you do, but you really dont, cuz your blinding yourself from the MMO tag. The game is just like every other Dragon Quest, in Japan it started off with not so many subscribers, but that changed over time due to it being on more platforms, and the Japanese DQ fans realizing that its just like every other Dragon Quest, only that it is online, enabling you to play with other Dragon Quest fans IF YOU WANT TO. If DQX would fail, then I guess DQ7 would fail too, since they are both Dragon Quest games, going by your logic.

    21. The risk of localizing DQ7 is a LOT lower than DQX, because they are fundamentally different. You clearly do not understand the difference between a standalone game and a massive online game that requires support and is inherently much larger in scope. Not that I expect much thinking from you, Chris. DQ7 wouldnt require nearly the amount of sales to be considered a success. Its called risk vs reward, and DQX is far more risky. And I believe it is so risky that it could and would sink the entire ship when it goes down, causing SEnix to reconsider bringing any other games here.

      Chris, tell me, how do you know that DQX wouldn’t be a complete failure? What would you do if they brought it, it failed, and SEnix decides to never bother localizing another DQ again? Is it worth it? Would you sacrifice all future DQs in the west, for DQX? Because I would not, and I see you and everyone else who supports that localization as a threat to any others coming, because I am convinced DQX would be a failure here. And nothing you have said will ever change my mind.

      The rest of your post just looks like you learned how to google. Good job! Have a cookie. Do not expect to get the last word, I will continue til you drop your ridiculous ranting and give up.

    22. I know it wont fail as DQ7 would not fail. Because it is every much as Dragon Quest as any of the others. The only difference is, it is online, and you can play with others. That is all. And you continue to fail to provide reasons as to why you think it would fail.

    23. You clearly do not understand even the basics of software development if you think that DQX and DQ7 are even remotely similar in scope, risk and cost of localization. One is a single packaged product with a relatively small script. The other is a massive online game with exponentially more content and a massive script. The cost of localizing an MMO isn’t comparable to a single player game. And if you think they are comparable, you’re even more of a fool than I thought you were.

      You clearly just do not understand the facts. Nothing I say will change your mind, since you are apparently just not smart enough to understand. And nothing you say will change my mind, because you are arguing something completely irrelevant- trying to convince me that I am wrong to not want to play MMOs.

      We fundamentally disagree. And I will continue to mock you and point out just how much of a fool you are every time you post. Although its gone from hilarious to mostly just sad that you are continuing. I feel really bad for you as a human. You lack even the basic intelligence to understand the facts, and you continue arguing irrelevant points in some desperate need to prove me wrong. With any luck though, DQX never comes and I don’t have to rub it in that I was right. I’d rather never see DQX come, so I don’t have to see it fail as hard as it will.

    24. Alright, gloves come off, you, Mr.smacd the Dumbass one, needs to just shut up, stop commenting on here, and only open your damn stupid mouth, to tell me one thing, and one thing only.

      WHAT is your reason, for thinking DQX, will fail here, WHY, do you hate the game. I am alot more intelligent than you are bub, ffs, not once have you provided any solid reason as to why it would fail here, you just wanna keep going on and on like a god damn retard “DURRRR ITS A MMO, ITS NICHE IN THE US, DUURR CANADA AND EUROPE DONT COUNT, THEY NOT EVEN COUNTRIES DERP, IT WILL FAIL” thats all I hear coming from your stupid mouth. So guess what, your still an idiot, everyone is laughing at you for being a said idiot, and I will continue to “mock” you, until you decide to stop smoking that pipe you keep to the left of your desk, and give me, reasons, logical reasons, as to why DQX wouldnt do well here, spite its every bit as Dragon Quest as the other games, and the amount to localize WOULD NOT MATTER due to the game having constantly updated new content for people to do.

      I know of players who put in over sixty hours a week into DQX and still has alot to do and no matter how close they get to doing all the content, and getting all the best gear, SE releases even more content before they can even get close.

      Provide reasons that isnt on the scope of retardation such as “Durr its a MMO, it will fail here” ill tell you right now, MMOs are bigger in the west than they are in Japan. So your wrong there. Nor give me the reason “DURRR its a cliche game” again, your wrong, your just looking at the U.S audience, your not taking into account Europe, Canada, Australia, etc, with all of them combined could get a active sub amount equal or greater to the current Japanese active sub number right now.

      Wipe your drool from your mouth, eat some brain food to help get whatever is left in your head from the pot smoking working again, and try again.

    25. Aw looks like poor Chrissy is angry that someone challenged him. You’ve already proved to everyone that you don’t understand how business and software development work, you’ve been ranting like a lunatic, and you still haven’t understood a single thing I’ve said.

      Keep it coming! Your foaming at the mouth ravings are hilarious. I should feel bad for helping you look as stupid as you do, but.. I don’t really feel bad.

      Here’s a summary of everything I’ve said so far, since you’re too dumb to remember and put it all together.

      1) Only a subset of DQ fans would be interested in an MMO. FACT: I’m not the only massive DQ fan who would refuse to play DQX, simply because its an MMO (spare me your broken record bullshit, I’ve heard it already).
      2) Regardless of how Square or Nintendo markets the game, many of those people will not change their minds
      3) DQ is niche in the west already. We’re not talking about a series that sells millions of copies, we’re talking about a few hundred thousand at best. And as I said before- only a subset would play DQX.
      4) MMOs aren’t played by a majority of gamers, as I’ve already proved through reasonable statistical analysis. MOST of them play the “AAA” only- specifically WoW and maybe a few others as a secondary. DQX is not going to be a WoW killer, and quite frankly I’d bet money that it doesn’t even get close to FF14 for that matter.
      5) No matter how well Square, or more likely Nintendo, markets it, its not going to change that by that much. Good marketing might double the audience, but we’re not talking about a huge number to begin with.
      6) Localizing an MMO is expensive. Very expensive. Its not anywhere near the same as a single player game. Saying that there is thousands of times more content is very likely not an underestimate.
      7) Given all of that, localizing DQX is both risky and stupid.
      8) And any REAL DQ fan would realize that DQX’s failure would make SEnix really think hard before bothering to bring anything else DQ here, and therefore REAL DQ fans would not support bringing it here at all. Risking all future DQs for one game is stupid. And its pretty damn basic logic to understand. REAL DQ fans should see DQX as a threat to their favorite series coming westward.

      Now, I expect you to come back and bleat on like a retarded sheep, blathering a bunch more nonsense. And I will continue to make you look stupid every time you do. Nothing you can say will change my analysis, change my mind, or change what I have to say. If you were smarter, you’d drop it. Instead you apparently just want me to get my opinion out there more. I can carry on as long as I need to.

      As a side note, I feel bad for the poor schmucks putting 60 hours a week into any MMO. Such a pathetic existence, if you’d even call it that. Probably losers living in their mommy’s basement, much like yourself.

    26. Ive stopped reading your long rants full of blissful ignorance and blindness a long time ago really. But I did see a few things that caught my eye.

      Lets see here….ok, number 2. Lets tear that a new one. Ever heard of FFXIV A realm reborn? Well, guess what, FFXIV 1.0 was a disaster, almost to the legendary disaster status that is Vanguard Saga of Heroes, people left, in droves, never to trust SE ever again on mmos. But then a miracle happened, that is Yoshi-P, doing what all MMO Devs should do in the first place, and that is taking all the good ideas from other mmos, polish or adjust them, and put them in, with him leading the team, and SEs marketing strategy, we have FFXIV 2.0, which has gotten over 3 Million Subscribers, and rising, worldwide, the game having 5x more players US/EU, than Japan does. Players who left, thinking FFXIV was dead, had no hope, all came back.

      So sorry Smacd of the Dense Stone, but peoples minds CAN be changed, if done right.

      Now lets screw up bad reason number 3, you say its niche in the west, what your really saying is, its niche in the U.S, you continue, time and time again, to not include our neighbor, which is Canada, and Europe. Their is a big, cult following, in the Philippines right now, who has a massive hard on for DQX, again, look it up. You cant just go by sales in the U.S alone, if they give DQX to us, it will be for all of U.S/Canada/Europe/Australia. Plenty of gamers there, and most of them speak and read english.

      Now lets mess around with bad reason number four, while I download this Destiny game, which is a MMOFPSRPG of sorts *they still wont give it a damn genre, but it is a MMO*. MMOs is still a rapidly growing genre, their are thousands of mmos out there, and each one will have 10k, 20k, 50k, 100k, 1 Million *wow* constantly active, constantly playing players at all times, on them. Now I know you have a mmo-phobia, you probably lost your wife, or your girlfriend, or your job, due to screwing up, and letting Evercrack take over your life until you manage to get help, but as much as you hate to believe it, MMOs are big in the west, and to make sure your aware again, the west isnt just the U.S, its Canada, and Europe, and technically Australia. They are bigger here, than even in the asian countries, WHICH INCLUDES korea.

      My god I hate the term “WoW” killer, far as im concerned its been killing itself just nicely, the only thing that will kill WoW is its creator itself, I don’t care what anyone says. DQX doesn’t need to “kill” anything. It just needs to be marketed, explained, maybe some live talks from the producer *like Yoshi did with FFXIV* and so forth, about what to expect from it for the Western “Again that is U.S, Canada, Europe, and technically Australia, making sure your not confused.” version of the game. They already stated that WHEN they bring it to us, its gonna have its own localization and extra development team to tailor the game to how they believe we would want it.

      But your wrong about the Majority, most gamers will have played a mmo at least once by now, and now we got games from famous developers, like BUNGIE, and its DESTINY game, coming out, made for all those CoD, Battlefront, Halo online gamers, to give them a taste of an actual MMO to their style. MMOs are becoming bigger and bigger, and it wont be limited to MMORPGs anymore. Hell online gaming is gonna be unavoidable, all the developers are making games with some sorta online component in ways now, cant avoid progress.

      Reason number 5, tore that up earlier, FFXIV being a awesome example…..

      Number 6, well skippy, you know what really makes localization expensive? Voice actors, gods, especially when they hire Hollywood VAs, half of them bad, but good lord the price tag on them. You want an example of how to really shoot yourself in the foot and go horribly over budget due to ridiculously expensive VA’s, thus releasing a game in a friggen ALPHA STATE, look no further than ESO, theirs a prime example of how expensive voice acting can get. Now imagine hiring VAs, having to fly them to studios, provide travel expenses and of course their payment, living arrangements and all that, and doing that four multiple languages, honestly thats where the real, cost of localizing really is in.

      Good thing DQX doesn’t have voice acting, soooo…nope, I know about the process of translating text and what not, I played alot of JP Games that was fan translated by a group of people no bigger than ten, takes them 1-3 years to do it, and with no pay might I add, they do it out of love of the game, good example here would be PSO2, how its constantly fan translated, and pretty quickly might I add, by a handful of people, getting nothing of monetary value out of it. Yet, they manage to do it, and PSO2 JP version keeps getting 70-95 percent translated at all times by this handful of Amateur coders, doing it for FREE.

      DQX may be big, but localization costs? Seriously? They can cut down on costs even further by doing what the 3DS version is doing, making it all digital, no physical copies. So no, localization “costs” wont be a factor here.

      As a side note, their ya go stereotyping again, your further proving that Evercrack was a dramatic experience for you at some point, thus causing your blind rejection to everything that is MMO.

      Try again. I want some reasons of DQX failing that is related to the game itself, not cuz it is a “MMO”. Since all your points, specially point 1, stems from blind MMO hatred. So I ask you this, if the game was exactly as it is, just, exactly as it is, but not a MMO, WOULD, YOU, PLAY, IT.

      If the answer is yes, then clearly your blinding yourself due to MMOs, if the answer is No, then you know nothing about the game, thus your repeated avoidance of asking any questions or giving any reasons to the games possible failure based on the games actual gameplay, content, and mechanics itself.

    27. I’m glad you wasted your time writing that huge wall of text that I’m not even going to bother reading. Your opinions on all of that do not matter at all to me. I’m sure it was full of more mentally deficient ranting and raving. But I’m glad my opinions matter so much to you that you would waste hours of time you could be doing something more productive, arguing at someone who has already made up their mind based on the facts. Nothing you have said, or will ever say, will either change my mind, or make you look any less stupid for continuing. I think you’re a fool and insane to continue, though I find it funny enough to continue mocking you.

    28. I just realized something, now I see why you and other “DQ Fans” hate on DQX without knowing a single thing about it, it all makes sense to me now….you dont want it…because you think it would be too difficult for you. That, since you cant outlevel alot of the max level content, thus you have to rely on good party combination, multi character leveling, and the crafting system to create better and better gear for yourself…yes that must be it, now I see it.

      You dont want DQX, because it would be too difficult a game for you. It all makes sense now!

    29. You keep telling yourself that. I’m not sure what part of “I don’t play MMOs” you don’t understand. It has nothing to do with “difficulty”, it has to do with it being an MMO. Not all of us want to devote 60 hours a week to one game indefinitely like you do. Not all of us want to be surrounded by morons like yourself in our spare gaming time. Many people like myself will never touch an MMO because *gasp* we don’t want to play an MMO. Some of us actually have a life, a job, a marriage, some kids, limited gaming time, perhaps even an addictive personality, and have actively chosen to avoid MMOs because we have better things to do with our time.

      I don’t get why that is so damn hard for you to understand. I will _NEVER_ play _ANY_ MMO, _EVER_. Nothing you say can or will ever change that. You’re continued attempts to change my mind only make you appear completely childish and possibly actually mentally disabled in some manner. Your attempts to assign some nonsensical meaning behind it only make you look like an trolling asshole, who is too stupid to understand basic English.

      I get that you have no life, live in your mommy’s basement at “30”, probably haven’t ever had a job ever if not for several years, and haven’t seen a boob since the last time your mommy breast fed you. But seriously, its time to drop it. You can’t win. As hilarious as it is to mock such a pathetic creature you are, its getting old.

    30. Admit it, you find since the game is a MMO, it would be too hard for you, that you have a hard time playing the normal Dragon Quests as is, you’ll be embarrassed that DQX’s difficulty would kick your butt so much, that your Dragon Quest peers would think less of ya. It all makes such perfect sense, my god I should have seen it before.

      Funny about how you continue to say things about DQX when you really have no idea about the game, 60 hours a week of game time? Lawlz……… really know nothing about how DQX works. Its hysterical. Ill give you a freebie.

      You can logout anywhere in the world without penalty, much like how recent DQ’s have a quicksave function. Now think about that……if you think DQX is a waste a time, guess what buddy, all video games are a waste of time.

    31. You yourself mentioned “people you know” who play 60 hours a week. I understand full well how MMOs and DQX work, and I am not interested. But again, you are just too stupid and arrogant to understand. Chris, you need help. An education and some serious psychological therapy. There is no reason for you to keep dragging this on other than you being an asshole troll Do everyone a favor, shut up. You are making no difference ad you make yourself look even more stupid every time you post.

    32. I am actually a very accomplished welder, and also a computer technician, and right now I am going to school for Networking+, so yes I am a bigger man than you, ya play with stove pots and little cutting knives, I play with a plasma torch and molten metal.
      Ive quit FFXIV because I didnt have time to or want to deal with the hardcore, “Gotta do this or that when the leader says so” scene anymore, something that would never, ever, happen in DQX, because you can do almost everything without the need to rely on another living, breathing person. Their are only a few things you would new others for and thats the super endgame stuff, even then, youd only need 3 other people who has some basic concept of organization. Course you would know all this if you actually looked into the game.

      So save yourself the idiocy, cuz you are an idiot. Stop posting negative things about a game the Majority of Dragon Quest Fans want. We need dont your bullshit here, we dont need your misguided mmo-phobic hate. You dont want the game because its a MMO and if it was exactly the same, but not online, you would want it, fine, your ignorant, and an idiot, much like anyone else thats mmo-phobic. Playing DQX 60+ hours a week is a choice, its not a requirement to play DQX, but hey, theirs people out there with alot of time on their hands, be it they are in college, on welfare, part time job or whatever. But you are making yourself look like a jackass for trying to be an ass to prevent the game from here, and quite honestly? If you lived in my area? I would really just instead of arguing this, find you, beat the hell out of you, break your balls so you cant reproduce, and be done with it. We honestly dont need ignorant idiots like you in the gene pool anymore.

      Your the failure, your a failure, because you are ignorant, you stereotype, you insult, you are a complete jackass and a waste of human life, I bet your even racist. I would love, very much, to beat you within a inch of your life, you deserve to be beaten to a pulp.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I want to study more of my Networking+ book today. Shipyard welding is getting more dangerous lately, and id rather be doing something that can utilize both welding and computers.

      Dont ever comment about not wanting a game here cuz its not what you want ever again, I will keep fighting your ignorant ass until you stop being a little bitch.


      LOL your facebook is hilarious Chrissy. “I had to quit FFXIV due to not being able to be hardcore enough to meet constant raid times and having to deal with 3-7 other players anymore.” And you are trying to tell me that I’d find an MMO “too hard”? You sir, are a pathetic excuse for a human if you think you can try to project your failings on me just because I have chosen to not play any MMOs for my own reasons, and believe that DQX will be a catastrophic failure ending the entire franchise’s hopes in the west.

      And community college eh? Further than I thought you made it, but not surprising at all. It explains your lack of critical thinking abilities and overall inability to form a cohesive argument that uses actual facts rather than whatever you made up in your head. Though it does make me feel like I’ve been mocking the slow kid for the last several days.

      Anyway, I hope you’re happy with the results of picking on the wrong person. You’ve done a great job helping me get my opinions out there more while making yourself look completely stupid. Its unfortunate that you couldn’t just leave it alone and let my one initial comment die. While I find DQX and its supports a threat, I mean no ill will toward Operation Hero, and its unfortunate that one of their supporters is a clueless troll who has stirred up all this crap. But I’ll be the bigger man and end this here. Say whatever you want, I don’t care. You and your opinions are completely worthless, and you’ve shown everyone already the kind of pathetic individual you are.

      I apologize to Operation Rainfall and Operation Hero for letting this drag on as long as it did.

    34. I do support the other titles. I have purchased every game labeled as DQ or DW since the original. I just feel that it hurts the effort to even ask for DQX.

    35. Doesnt hurt at all, like I said before, you dont know the game, its as casual a mmo as it can be.

    36. Yeah I kinda agree with you on 10. MMOs are very competitive with each other by nature, and like you said there is a lot more at risk with localizing and maintaining it here. I’m still signing though since I want more DQ to come over, and I think 10 is a long shot anyhow, whereas the others aren’t.

    37. False, Dragon Quest fans who do not want X simply knows very little about it.They blind themselves behind the MMO tag and the subscription fee that will likely be adjusted. It is vastly different from MMOs the common player is used to seeing, long as SE advertises it right, does Q and A for it, and explains why its different from other MMOs, it will do fine here.

    38. False? It’s still an MMO. I don’t care what the details are, I don’t play MMOs, and I know that I’m not the only one with that attitude. You can disagree with my assessment, but that doesn’t mean you’re right and I’m wrong.

      Because I KNOW that there are a lot of people like me out there who wont touch any MMOs, and even me- as a DQ fan from the beginning who has bought literally everything they’ve ever brought to NA- saying that I will NOT buy DQX if they brought it, should be quite telling.

      No matter how SE advertises (which if past DQ advertising indicates, will not come anywhere close to sufficient, unless NoA gets involved), DQX will only capture a fraction of the number of players that regularly buy DQ.

      Bringing DQX here is a death sentence to getting more DQ in the West. I hate saying it, but SE would be fools to localize it, and real DQ fans should be opposing the idea if you want any hope of getting DQXI or any other games here.

    39. Again, you blind yourself due to seeing the MMO tag, so now I will ask you this, why will you not touch a MMO? Give us reasons, so I can logically shut those reasons down as foolish and ignorant.

    40. I’m not going to bite. I have the right to disregard MMOs for the simple fact that its an MMO, and that is good enough. I don’t have to explain myself to some internet troll who is calling me names. I can be a huge DQ fan while refusing to play an MMO, so get the over yourself. Nothing you can say will EVER convince me to play ANY MMO, ever. I’ve put in my time, and I will never do it again. And I will NOT support any effort to try to bring it west, because I’m such a big fan that I worry that it will mean we will never get any other DQs after its miserable failure. End of discussion.

    41. Then you dont have a right to comment on here, and no, thats not good enough, because your blinded by what the uninformed majority believes that a mmo in a franchise, cannot have near the same experience as a single player of said franchise. Such as FFXI for example, FFXI simply put, is a MMO with a Final Fantasy Theme, back in the day when things were archaic, punishing, and horribly time consuming, FFXIV greatly improved on everything, yet it is still a MMO with a final fantasy theme, forcing you to HAVE to be social, to HAVE to find teams of other people if you WANT to be able to do all the content.

      Dragon Quest X is different, it is Dragon Quest, with a mmo theme, notice how the two terms are switched around? So im gonna put words in your mouth since your too afraid to come out with it otherwise. Your hating on DQX because it isnt a single player experience that you want. Well guess what? If you took the time to look into the game, and how it handles its content, you would know that it has special channels called solo channel’s. What these are, is special channels that from what I seen and read, and actually played in myself, greatly limits other players you see, if you’ll even see any at all.

      But now your probably thinking “BUT ITS A MMO! My uninformed mind clearly says to me that since its a MMO I HAVE to play with others, I HAVE to get my anti-social solo experience ruined by having to do things with other players!” Wrong, ya see, when you or anyone logs off, their character, gets put into a “Registry” of sorts, to be hired as a A.I Controlled NPC character, able to utilize and have the exact stats and gear as well as all the current abilities you logged out with. You as the player can hire three of them, and configure their A.I ruleset to how you need it. Thus, you can absolutely, Solo the Dragon Quest X with the MMO elements in it, and it will be just like any other Dragon Quest you played from 1-9, the only difference here, is that it uses a MMOified ATB battle system, which is still slow paced, but just that you wont be able to calmly take a dump on your porcelain throne while figuring out what to do on your turn.

      Course, if you configure and be smart about who ya hire for your NPCs, they could fight quite a few battles for you if your feeling lazy.

      So ill ask again, if this is not your fear, what is? Otherwise, please stop posting on here and giving negativity to one of the Dragon Quest games a majority of us wants. If you can get over yourself on the whole MMO scare, do some research, and see that this is not a MMO with a Dragon Quest Theme, but the other friggen way around, you would realize this is a game, any DQ fan would want, because for the next 10+ years, it will keep getting more and more new content, your precious DQ7 remake, much as I want it too, you will get done with in 100+ hours, and put on the shelf to be forgotten, DQX you will spend 5000+ hours and still not get tired of it.

      Alot of people play mmos to actually save money on buying retail 30-60 dollar games you know. Their are people who would spend up to six hundred dollars in games each month, but then they pick up a MMO, that they LIKE, and now they spend only the sub fee, or however little they wanna spend on the cash shop.

      Anyone with a MMOphobia and acting towards it to this game, and calls themselves a Dragon Quest Fan, is no Fan at all, if you were a Fan, you would have looked into this game inside and out, and realized DQX is your wet dream.

      Either let me help you, by asking me questions I can answer, or stop trolling here. We don’t need naysayers to detriment a game alot of us want, simply because it has the MMO tag. Either ask me questions, or do research on the game yourself, or stop commenting on here. You simply know absolutely nothing about the game thus have nothing of worth to say here. End of discussion.

    42. I have all the right to comment here, and I don’t give two shits what you think. I am entitled to my own opinion just as much as you are entitled to yours. I don’t see why you need to continue trying to bash on me for my opinion. I have formed it, I have my reasons, and nothing you say will EVER change it. So stop trying, you’re just coming off as a complete asshole troll. I’m not even going to bother reading your wall of text. I hope you had fun wasting your time writing it.

    43. Then remain forever ignorant and cowardly. Your opinion is worth absolutely nothing since you have no knowledge of the game whatsoever. Stop commenting on here, your the complete asshole troll mate, your the troll, because you want to detriment a game you know absolutely nothing about. So do everyone here a favor, and stop commenting on here if you don’t want to help yourself, by asking me the questions about the game you are concerned with.

      You don’t have to tell me how Evercrack ruined your life or anything like that, DQX would never ever do to you what Evercrack did, but unless you are willing to learn about the game that you know absolutely nothing about, than you really shouldn’t try to say anything negative about it. Common sense man.

    44. How DARE someone have a different opinion! I must not be a real fan because I actually disagree with you! Never mind that I have my own reasoning behind it that you’ve completely rejected.

      Keep it coming, I find your foaming at the mouth ranting more than enough entertainment right now. Does your mommy know what little Chris-sy Taylor do on the computer when she’s not paying attention?

    45. And now your being immature, because you know your wrong. What you have isnt at all an opinion, since you know nothing about the game, all your doing is being negative on something simply because it is tagged with a Genre you are afraid of and nothing more. Again, ask me the questions you need answered on the game, and you will see that it is every bit as Dragon Quest as any other game of the series.

      But if your gonna have an opinion on something, it helps to be a little informed on it first. Your just avoiding it due to being wrong and you know it.

    46. I don’t need to ask some pathetic little troll questions. I know enough about DQX. I _DO NOT_ PLAY MMOS, what part of that is too difficult for you to get through your thick skull? I don’t CARE what you think about that. And further, if you’re the type to play an MMO, I’m glad I’m never going to play it. People like you disgust me.

      DQ is already niche in the west, MMOs are only a small market in the overall gaming field. There is a HIGH likelihood that DQX would be a critical commercial failure here. DQ has been in the past, and could already again be abandoned in the west, and a massive commercial failure is not something any true DQ fan should be encouraging,

    47. You need to know more than DQX being a MMO to “know enough” about it mate, your throwing insults, and a tantrum, your pretty much transparent. It basically screams to me that you know nothing about Dragon Quest X. It will not fail here if Square Enix markets, Q and A’s it, and advertises it correctly.

      MMOs are big in the west, and right now, with WoW still loosing subs, Wildstar and ESO not doing well, and the one current MMO doing very well, which happens to be from the same developer, DQX should do well here long as they do it soon rather than later, and go off the success they had with FFXIV to promote it.

      Your hatred of mmo’s blinds you, I feel sorry for you, I truly do, “MMOs are only a small market in the overall gaming field” do you even read what you type before you put it in?

      I feel sorry for you.

    48. I know a lot about the game, because I follow everything DQ. But that does not change the FACT that I DO NOT PLAY MMOS, a fact that you appear too dense to understand. I do not “hate” MMOs, I just refuse to play them anymore, for a myriad of reasons that are none of your damn business.

      And yes, MMOs are actually only a very small part of the gaming industry. WoW had what, around 12 million players or so at its peak? Thats a big number, but only a tiny fraction of the total number of people who play games. Take one of the old GameFAQs polls of the day, which is a pretty decent statistical sample of gamers- notice how MOST of the people who answered said No (either not anymore, or never have)? Or are you so blinded by your own false beliefs that you are disregarding the truth?

      If you think its worth the effort to translate a massive MMO into English, for a niche series that unfortunately DOES struggle in the west, in a highly competitive marketplace, fine. But I disagree and I do not want to see SEnix waste their time to fail and abandon the entire series. If you were a true fan too, you’d hope DQX never comes so that you have the opportunity to play DQXI and all the other games. But you’re so obsessed with DQX that its blinding you to the reality of a struggling series and high likelihood of a critical failure.

    49. If we dont get DQ7, or X, or any of the other DQ games, what honestly makes you think we would get DQXI? The series honestly does not struggle in the west, it does sell well enough according to reports on each remake or new release. Their is a large enough fanbase in the U.S to support DQX, but why the U.S only? European players can share the servers too, you probably didnt even know that the Filipino fan-base for DQX is larger than any of the European countries, they WANT DQX.

      DQX is just like any other Dragon Quest, has a story, has a plot, it doesn’t hand hold you, you can screw up and lose half your gold like in any other Dragon Quest, the only differences here, is that it is Online, it uses a ATB battle system, you can play with others *which is a good thing* and, the best thing of it, it keeps getting more and more, new content, every four to eight weeks, and finally, its on multiple platforms. Everyone would have access to at least one of the platforms DQX is on which is a good smart decision by Square Enix, you have the Wii, you got the Wii-U, you got the 3DS, mobile, and any low-mid end PC can run it comfortably too.

      And WoW is just one mmo, do you have any idea, how many mmos are out there? Any idea at all? its almost countless, even the crappy F2P korean ones will have at minimum, 10k players playing them.

      Again your fear of mmos blind you. Just, stop. Seriously your shooting yourself in the foot here.

    50. Chris has all the answers and he’s right about everything. He’s changed my mind about everything with his completely rational obsession with DQX and MMOs. How could I have ever thought differently? I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT!

      Chris, is there anything else I’ve been wrong about it my life? I bow to you and all your internet based wisdom. I am forever in your debt, you have my sword, my bow, and my axe in all your future battles on the internet!

    51. Speaking as someone who’s put some considerable hours into DQX, I can say that as someone who’s completely burnt out of MMOs, it was completely fresh to me.

      I don’t blame you for your bias towards MMOs, as they don’t cater to everyone, but in my opinion (which you are definitely entitled to keep yours), Dragon Quest X holds up as well, if not better than Dragon Quest IX, and especially from a content standpoint, there’s too much to do.

      However if you’re dead set in your ways for disliking MMOs, I do suggest you at least give it a shot, since there is a free trial on PC, to get to level 20, as in other MMOs that offer the same.

      On the whole, I had more fun with Dragon Quest X than I had with most any other game that’s released these past two years, so I urge you to at least try it. If you don’t, it’s no skin off my nose, but it is a bit disappointing that you don’t plan on supporting it in really any way.

    52. MMO players are always looking for something new to play. If DQX comes over here, it won’t just be played exclusively by DQX dans. Hell, I’d go as far as to wager that more non-DQ fans would play the game than DQ fans if it was brought over here.The MMO market is a healthy one, which is why FFXI went on to be the most profitable Final Fantasy game of all time. Dragon Quest X could very well follow suit.

    53. Sorry Operation Rainfall, you can ban my accounts all you want, ill just make more to combat the MMO-Phobes trying to put down any chance of DQX coming here. Continuing to allow mmo-phobes to just bad mouth a game they made ZERO research on, and I expect you guys to go ahead and do some research on it, you will see that I am right, but continuing to allow them to keep their bad mouth comments on the game, shows your site seeming ill suited in giving those a place to work with in bringing games here. So ill give an example.

      “Dragon Quest 7 wont do good here, because it came out as Dragon Warrior 7 already and most people who know DQ has already played it, it wont do well, its the same exact game”

      See how groundless, and false that statement is? We both know its false, and anything a mmo-phobic player, or in other words, mmo-hater, says on DQX, is also false. So you can keep banning my accounts, and ill just make new ones, and keeping a post up everyday, and I wont stop, or else, you can give up, and let me work.

      Now for my usual responses.

      DQX will do fine here, what most mmo-phobes, like smacd, seems to fail to see, due to making no research on the game, is the fact that the game is not like ffxi or ffxiv, a mmo with final fantasy themes, but the other way around. You do not need to have 4 hours a day to make any real progress, you can play the game for even just an hour a day, like any other Dragon Quest, especially if they release a mobile port in the form of ios/android, or 3DS, where at any wifi spot, you can pick it up, do something for an hour, then log off. Please do not say negative false facts on a game if you know very little about it. DQX started off shaky in Japan, because 1. It had the mmo tag and 2. Japanese dont really like mmos. But soon as their playerbase started playing it, and saw how little of the standard mmo element is in the game, it continued to pick up more and more sub numbers.

      It will do fine in US/EU, long as it is marketed right.

      Also, IP block? Please….if your moderators wernt skimming thru for the bad stuff, and actually read my comments, how the mmo-phobe was being ignorant and negative, and how I was giving out facts, you would have just deleted anything he made and not banned my posts in the first place. Oh and you would have read I been going to school for computer NETWORKING.

    54. Even though mmorpgs aren’t really my thing, I’m going to give DQX a try. However, if it is the ONLY DQ to come out after all this time, I’m going to be pissed. I believe it to be a valid concern that DQX could fail and ruin any chances of us getting the core, single-player games. If DQ is truly going to fail, let if fail for being Dragon Quest; not a Dragon Quest-themed MMO.

  6. Wow and the first post is by a FF fanboy with no idea. Congrats on your complete ignorance. Did you take the time to read sales numbers or get a made up number from an older sibling?

    Personally I hope this works. I have been playing DQ games even after SE’s others series became washed up.

    Page admins please remove and ban Giordan for trolling…

    1. They still sell a FRACTION of what they sell outside of Japan.
      DQ sells in the millions in Japan, whereas it only sells in the hundreds of thousands in the west. It’s selling worse than Tales, which is saying a hell of a lot.

    2. False, 100,00 + copies is profitable. A fraction is far from bad, so I’d advise you to pull your ignorant head out of your thoroughly used ass. Apparently, Tales sells quite well.

    3. For XSEED or NISA, yes 100,000 is a lot.
      For Square Enix? PFFFT still less than 1/10 the number sold in Japan.

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