Drakengard 3

Square Enix just recently announced Drakengard 3, the first game in the Drakengard series since 2006 (2005 in Japan). Details of the game’s story were revealed. Drakengard 3 will focus on two characters: Zero and her younger sister One (See what they did there?).

In a distant past, Goddesses called “Utatai” descended into the world to lend a helping hand after observing how much mankind has been suffering as a result of war and tyranny. The Goddeses used the magic of songs (not surprising since the word “Uta” means song) to defeat the warlords and bring peace to the land. The Goddesses were worshiped and praised and, from that point on, were known as Utahime, or divas.

One, who is one of the younger Utatai, desires to bring peace to the land and unite all of the Utatai. One day, her sister Zero shows up in front of her with a dragon. Zero is said to be the most powerful Utatai. What are the origins of the Utatai? Why is Zero with a dragon? And what exactly does she intend to do with the dragon? Those are all questions in which we will find the answer to as we play the game.

The sisters are complete opposites of each other in terms of personality. Zero is incredibly violent and promiscuous, while her sister One is very rational, has a strong sense of justice and tends to question things such as why the Utatai even came to Earth to begin with.

In Drakengard 3, you play as Zero, who is very skilled with a sword and can easily cut through her enemies. As she gets covered in blood, Zero gets stronger. Of course, like in previous installments in the series, you can ride your dragon to fight in the air.

Here are some screenshots:

Drakengard 3  Drakengard 3

Drakengard 3  Drakengard 3

Drakengard 3  Drakengard 3

Drakenguard 3 is said to be released for the PlayStation 3 later this year.


Justin Guillou
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