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Destiny Fantasia, a JRPG from KEMCO and WorldWideSoftware, is now available in the Google Play Store. The $7.99 (USD/CAD) price tag has been reduced to just $2.99 to celebrate its release. KEMCO is a company that has certainly made a name for itself in the mobile world with games such as End of Aspiration and Cross Hearts Arcadia. Their latest RPG is sure to turn some heads, as well.

The story follows Lidim, a young man from the village of Nara, which resides in the mountains of the nation of Alfria. Lidim finds himself in some strange circumstances after leaving his village to search for work. A witch sent by the Epsilom Empire unleashes an unknown weapon, destroying Lidim’s home village in a demonstration of power. Lidim sees this event and lashes out in anger, as anyone would, and attacks Spirit, an Imperial Knight who is with the witch. This, of course, does not go well for him, and Lidim is knocked out.

When he comes to, he is with two girls. Pure and Elis, who have been sent by the Athina Sect, are trying to stop the Empire’s expansion. The girls persuade Lidim to go with them to the Athina Sect’s headquarters and warn him of the horrible things that would happen if he remains where he is after having attacked the Imperial Knights.

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The game uses a different system than the leveling-up style of most RPGs. Instead, you gain strength and other attributes after each enemy encounter. For example, if you are using a character who uses weapons, your physical attack will increase. If you use elemental attacks, your mental power will increase. A special attack called Barla will come in handy if you find yourself in a pickle. When your party is about to be destroyed, Barla will be there to turn things around for you.

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In addition to fleshing out the stories of your party members in this 20-hour game, you can also enjoy arena fights, treasure hunting, and more. Additional dungeons and rare items can also be purchased that will unlock aspects of the characters not told in the main story. These extras will cost you some real-world cash but are not needed to finish the game.

Since I am not a fan of DLC, I am hoping (as I am sure many of you are) that the characters are well fleshed-out in the main game. Those of you who have already played some KEMCO RPGs might be able to tell me if this is a valid concern of mine or if I should have no fear about getting a stellar story with ample character development.

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