Gaist Crusher: Cast

Gaist Crusher: Cast

The official website for Gaist Crusher, coming to the 3DS courtesy of Treasure and Capcom, was revealed a short time ago. Did everyone get a chance to take a look? I hope so. It seems like this game, marketed towards children and filled with that “young Japanese boys love card games…like JEWELS, COMBINE, TRANSFORM kinda thing” (Randy’s words, not mine), has a lot of potential to be the next “big brand” to come from Capcom. Here’s a little more information and cool things to look at:

So, characters use Gaist Gear…which can (you guessed it) transform between a balanced form and an offensive one. Obviously the latter would be good when you’re going up against giant beasts, right? More on that momentarily. What weapons does the more offensive-styled “Weapon Form” use? It depends on your Gaist Gear, but you can expect things like a Great Sword type of setup, one with Dual Blades, or even one that uses bows/long-range weapons. There are plenty of ways to fight, because there will no doubt be a wide variety of combat situations strewn about the game.

Gaist Crusher: Character Art 001 Gaist Crusher: Character Art 002
Gaist Crusher: Character Art 003 Gaist Crusher: Character Art 004

Beyond these new characters, the weapons they’re holding and the poses they’re striking, take a look at more screenshots meant to showcase the weapons you can use in-game.

Gaist Crusher: Weapon Screen 001 Gaist Crusher: Weapon Screen 002
Gaist Crusher: Weapon Screen 003 Gaist Crusher: Weapon Screen 004

So, there’s a look at how you’ll be fighting. Take a closer look at what you’ll be fighting, the various Gaists out there to…well…crush.

Gaist Crusher: Arc Phoenix Gaist Crusher: Tekkou Ryujin

All right, so now we’ve seen how to crush the Gaists and what one or two actually look like, right? I wouldn’t consider the game to be truly action-packed unless you could somehow transform into a Gaist yourself.

Gaist Crusher: Extreme Form

Oh, wait. You can?
I should have seen it coming.

The Gaist Gear (which there are over 100 of, by the way) can transform into things like a defensive-style form and the Weapon Form, but revealed a short time ago is the Extreme Form. How does one utilize the Extreme Form? By filling up one’s Extreme Gauge, of course!

Gaist Crusher: Transformation Screen 001 Gaist Crusher: Transformation Screen 002
 Gaist Crusher: Transformation Screen 003  Gaist Crusher: Transformation Screen 004
 Gaist Crusher: Transformation Screen 005  Gaist Crusher: Transformation Screen 006
 Gaist Crusher: Transformation Screen 007  Gaist Crusher: Transformation Screen 008

As I’m going out of my way to learn more about this game, I’m realizing that Gaist Crusher will surely spread like wildfire in the East, and (at the very least) develop a cult-following in the West. Is anyone in the same boat as me, kind of anticipating this game the more you learn about it? Or are some still bitter that this comes a little too close to stealing some of Mega Man’s thunder?

Sound off in the comments below. And I’ll be vigilant if you all want to learn more about this one. There’s plenty of untapped stuff just wanting for me to learn about on the official site, after all!


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