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LoveKami -Useless Goddess- | Akane

Romance enthusiasts, I hope you are well as today LoveKami Useless Goddess is now available! To clarify, it’s already available on PC via Steam. However, the heartwarming tale of taking care of a goddess is now available on the Nintendo Switch. You may recall seeing the title elsewhere, and that’s because you did. The more idol-centric, Divinity Stage, launched late last year on the very same console! Now with Useless Goddess, it’s that same cute energy amplified as you do everything you can to protect that which is pure. This one sneaked underneath my radar and it’s certainly worth taking a good look. Enjoy it on the go, and even if you don’t have a Switch that can’t stop you. Both games are a whole 80% during the Steam Summer Sale. Just throw it onto your cart alongside your massive purchase and thank me later. Congratulations to MoeNovel.

So what in the world is LoveKami -Useless Goddess- even about?

“I took in a goddess!”

It was after the descent of uncountable goddesses in Japan…

Most goddesses were able to blend in with humans, living peacefully and happily together. Some of those goddesses even went on to become idols.
However, there were others who simply refused to follow the rules. These goddesses prefer living freely and doing as they please, inadvertently causing all sorts of trouble for humans.

Aragami are Goddesses who are naughty.

The protagonist, Sho Narumi, stumbles upon a goddess who collapses on the street and attempts to help her. Soon enough it is revealed that she’s the Aragami who had been causing frequent power outages in one small-town area of Tokyo. Sho decides to protect his beloved hometown by helping the goddess to get rehabilitated!

“Rehabilitate the goddess!”

Wait… isn’t it the other way around?

With the setting moving from Akihabara to a quiet small-town area of Tokyo, the story of one naughty goddess’s rehabilitation begins now!

Not much else to add, if you love short romantic ventures, look no further. MoeNovel is no stranger to the emotion and will tug your heart strings even when you don’t expect it. I can’t wait to read it and I hope you feel the same.

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