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Welcome to another edition of PSN Weekly. Let’s dive right in with the first game on the list, Cloudberry Kingdom, which can be yours for $9.99.  This is a platform game that takes it to the next level of customization. It is not just in your character creation that you have options, but also for things like gravity and friction. The unique algorithms used in this game allow for all new unique levels that are custom made for your character, and that adjust to your current skill level. For many more details on the game, which can better help you decide if this is up your alley or not, you can check out my previous article.

Cloudberry Kingdom

Pixeljunk Monsters: Ultimate HD  shoots onto PSN today for the PlayStation Vita. Imagine yourself in a one man war against a drug cartel. The first thing I think of, were I to ever be in this situation, is that I would need a pretty huge arsenal of weaponry to be at my disposal. Everyone knows you can not take on a bad-ass drug cartel without one! I think the grenades, huge explosions, and massive tanks available in the game should get the job done. Oh, and did I mention armed helicopters? All of this fun can be yours for $14.99.

Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly is a PS2 Classic that is making its return to PSN. If you previously purchased the game, you will need to delete the game file you currently have and re-download this version. Mio and Mayu are twins who get into some trouble. Mayu has followed a crimson butterfly deep into the woods and come upon a lost village. This village is said to be cursed, and as the twins explore the town, they find a Camera Obscura. They end up being lead into all sorts of nightmares that are certain to keep you on your toes. Will Mio learn the secrets that she needs to save her sister? Find out today for $9.99.

Fatal Frame II | Screen

Bundle Available:

The Unfinished Swan & Journey Bundle is available for $14.99. The Unfinished Swan is all about exploring the unknown. In a land of all white landscapes, a young orphan named Monroe follows the journey of a swan who has escaped an unfinished painting. Throw paint in the world around you to unlock the mysteries in this maze of a game.

Take on the role of a robed figure that travels through the desert in Journey. As you travel towards a mountain in the distance, you discover other players who can help you, but you can not communicate with each other in any way aside from a musical chime. I would love to give you more of a description here, but this seems like one of those deeply personal games that must be experienced to truly be understood. If anyone has played the game and can give me some insight into it, please make use of the comment section below, it would be greatly appreciated.


PlayStation Plus members will receive Dokuro as their next free game in the Instant Game Collection. This game is for the PlayStation Vita, and is quite a fun puzzle/platform game. Play as an unnamed skeleton who must make use of his sword, ability to switch from skeleton to hero, and some chalk as he tries to rescue the princess. More can be found about the game in my review.

PS2 Classics available today:

  • P.T.O. IV $9.99

Arriving for the Vita today:

  • Puzzle by Nikoli V Slitherlink $4.99 (Vita)

Arriving on PSN today:

  • Narco Terror $9.99 (PS3)
  • The Last Bounty Hunter $7.99 (PS3)

That wraps things up for this week’s PSN Weekly. Enjoy the games, and be sure to let us know which ones you purchased.


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