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CLANNAD Coming to North American PSN Store


Clannad PS4 English text

In a Tweet, publisher Prototype announced that the upcoming PS4 version of Key’s visual novel CLANNAD will be releasing on the North American PlayStation Store. This is in addition to the physical Japanese release containing full English and Japanese text, although that physical copy will only officially be available in Japan and would need to be imported. Language switching in-game appears to work similarly to Little Busters! English Edition which released on PC last year, also ported by Prototype.

In addition to containing the English translation that was released on PC back in 2015, this PS4 release also contains the Dangopedia glossary that was added to Sekai Project’s localization. The PS4 version will also be in 1920×1080 resolution, in contrast to the PC version which is 1280×960. We reviewed that version back when it released, which you can read here.

CLANNAD is one of Key’s best-known visual novels, written by Jun Maeda and first released back in 2004 on PC, and was later ported to PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, PSP, and PS Vita. Prototype didn’t announce when the game will be released in the west, but the Japanese release date is set for June 14 for both the physical and digital copies.

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