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The Legacy of Barubash is the first of several chapters planned for a new series, from Kactus Studios. It was made with the idea of creating a fully-fledged RPG for Android devices, and it looks like it’s going to be great.

The Legacy of Barubash stars Kaleb, a hunter living in the village of Denham who has recently married his childhood sweetheart and is now expecting their first child. Shortly after finding a mysterious medallion, Denham is attacked by monsters and a number of the villagers are lost. At the behest of the village’s wizard, Kaleb begins a quest to find the source of the unrest that has been plaguing the land in recent times.

While this seems like standard RPG fare, I saw enough in the demo to get me interested in the game’s story. Choices you make in the game will affect Kaleb’s development, and there are plenty of NPCs to talk to. It will also be littered with quests, allowing you to take a break from the main story and possibly earn some cash.

The Legacy of Barubash has you attacking foes in real time with both melee weapons and magic. There will be a number of skills trees to choose from which can be altered to suit your needs, and there will be some form of crafting system in place for the final release.

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I had fun with this game at PAX when I played it, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this and the later chapters pan out. The Legacy of Barubash is slated to release later this year for Android devices and for the Ouya.

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