Shin Megami Tensei IV 06

Like many games in the Shin Megami Tensei franchise that stress importance to the characters, Shin Megami Tensei IV lives up to the series’ tradition by introducing a diverse cast, which you may love or hate. With the occurring of the Guardian Rite, you will encounter the five chosen individuals, whose fates lie in your decisions. As you battle enemies with your monster allies, these chosen ones will join you occasionally.

Each of these characters have personalities of their own, and may influence you to make decisions that may or may not be in their favor.

shin megami tensei iv walter

Walter first appears in a dream to tell you that the world can be changed by will, and becomes your roommate after the Guardian Rite, bringing up memories that relate to the dream. Both you and Wakter are “Casualries”, or people who grew up without money or high status. While he is described to have a cool attitude, Walter is very opinionated and will criticize you whenever you let emotions get the better of you in missions. He’s confident and he doesn’t tolerate any form of hesitation that may cost him or his group the opportunity to advance in their samurai training. He goes by the book and believes that the greater good is determined by force, and without compromise.

shin megami tensei iv jonathan

Like Walter, Jonathan appears to you in a dream, but instead says that he wants you to restore peace to the world. Jonathan grew up as a Luxurorer, or  an upperclassman, instead of a Casualrie, and does not understand the lives of his lower class peers. However, he is understanding when you have weak moments, and is both modest and humble, making things a little easier for you in the long run. However, he can be too conservative for his own good, like a parent constantly picking out what you’ve done wrong, and will call you out if you’re greedy or hasty.

shin megami tensei iv isabeau

The only female in the group, Isabeau is a Luxuror. She’s a reliable asset in the group for her levelheadedness, and her unpredictability. She adjusts to circumstances, and does not back away from challenges, as her determination to battle the chaos is very strong. Isabeau is quick to reprimand the men who don’t measure up to the tasks at hand.

shin megami tensei iv navarre

Navarre is the brash and arrogant one in the group, whose contestable attitude and pretension know no bounds. Growing up as a Luxorer, he tries to claim superiority over you by proving he’s the best. Even if you prove him wrong, his ego will not accept such loss. It will be difficult to trust Navarre with his duties; you will not be able to tell if he will swallow his pride for the greater good, or if he will oppose you to feed his ego.

With the characters explained, a lot of their personalities have to do with a present theme of class. How everything will play out between yourselves and the cast sounds like an interesting one. Shin Megami Tensei IV due out July 16th in North America. A European date has not been confirmed, although it has been confirmed to be getting a release there.


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