Momiji in Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper

The Japanese release date for the Playstation 3 and Vita versions of Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate has been released. Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is an enhanced version of Warriors Orochi 3 Special, which is the Japan-exclusive PSP version of Warriors Orochi 3.

Tecmo Koei and Omega Force’s historical fiction-based, hack and slash brawler is slated to release September 26th.

There are also a number of new screenshots for the game. So take a look at them:

warriors orochi 2 dangeki 1

                                    warriors orochi 3 dangeki 2 warriors orochi 3 dangeki 3

warriors orochi 2 dangeki 4

For those who may not know, the Warriors Orochi games are a cross-over series between Omega Force’s Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors games.

This particular version is heavy on content; it contains tons of side-stories including the Gojitsudan and Zenjitsudan compilations that detail events before and after the game. Additionally, Warriors Orochi 3 has over 140 playable characters — all of which are illustrated by artist Akihiro Yamada.

In Japan, the physical versions for the Playstation 3 and Vita versions will cost Y 6,615 (about $66) and Y6,090 ($61) respectively. When purchasing digitally, they will be Y5,800 ($58) on the PS3, and &5,400 ($54) on Vita. There has not been any word about localization as of yet, but we may hear about it from Tecmo Koei in due time. Stay tuned for more.

To learn more about Warrior Orochi 3, read our review for the recent Hyper Edition on Wii U.


Thank you Will Whitehurst for providing your translation.

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