At long last, Falcom has announced on their Facebook and Twitter that Trails in the Sky Second Chapter (The Legend of Heroes: Sora no Kiseki Second Chapter or Eiyū Densetsu VI Sora no Kiseki SC in Japan) will indeed be put on the Japanese PSN in the future, but no release date was revealed yet.

The game was massive, Falcom had to utilize two umds which is quite rare, and the reason for this was because the game’s script is one of the largest JRPG scripts in existence; having the biggest out of the three games which is a feet on its own, with over 3.7 million characters(Japanese letters) with the FC (Trails in the Sky in western regions) having over 1.8 million characters. So if you were wondering why it’s taking so long, well now you know.

This could mean more options for gamers of course, but also another grand opportunity for XSEED to use a digital release for SC which many including themselves have suggested as an alternative in releasing the game since the risks could be too high for another physical release for a portable handheld now considered dead in the West. Especially considering all the staggering work that was involved in the previous game which sadly did not have the best reception sales wise. All I can say is, thank you Falcom!

David Fernandes
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