Do you like Katamari Damacy? Because I do. I always need more Katamari in my life. The creator of Katamari Damacy, Keita Takahashi has joined together with former Journey devs Robin Hunicke, Martin Middleton, and their new company Funomena, to bring us something that I am sure will be just as wonderful as the thought of Katamari and Journey combined.

Earlier today, during the Horizon Indie Game Press Conference at E3 2013, the epic team-up was announced eloquently and excitedly by Robin Hunicke. Takahashi was given the microphone after the introduction, and through his broken English, briefly explained the game. He went on to say that it is about “mayors and deputies,” and that the idea came to him one morning while him and his son were drawing together over breakfast. It was imperative to mention that his son was having bananas for breakfast. Takahashi then ended his short speech with, “imagine blocks coming to life”.

Katamari + Journey = Deputy and Mayor?

Hunicke is thrilled about the game and it shows through the whole presentation. She tried to convey her excitement for the game by relating it back to her experience with Katamari Damacy. “When I played the build, I felt the same way that I felt when I played the Dung Beetle game that became Katamari”.


Chantal Del Puppo
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