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Two more DLC characters are coming to Melty Blood: Type Lumina, free of charge. The first of the new characters is Mario Gallo Bestino, the Acting Prelate of the Holy Church. He enters battle with a ton of speed and a plethora of Sisters by his side. The next new character is Powered Ciel. She has a different moveset from her normal counterpart and has Super Armor and unblockable attacks.

You can check out both character’s Battle Preview trailers below.

Mario Gallo Bestino Trailer


Powered Ciel Trailer



The official website describes each character as follows:

Mario Gallo Bestino

An Acting Prelate of the Holy Church.
A pretty boy with blonde hair and fair skin, Mario tends to dress casually. Although he may not appear so, he holds a position of great responsibility while still in his early teens.

He detests the inept and indolent, and often lashes out verbally, but he is also a compassionate, dutiful person at his core.
His talents in assessing character and abilities, his skillful balancing of hard and soft power, his leadership and ability to use resources to control the game, and his fighting style using a Piano Machine to control nuns like marionettes, have all earned him the nickname “Mario the Puppeteer.”

Powered Ciel

Ciel, outfitted to face the twenty-seven Dead Apostles and enemies in the same class, using the conceptual weapon “Seventh Holy Scripture” broken down into individual causes of death.

She makes constant use of the “Seventh Holy Scripture,” a millennium-class holy relic.
While it drains an enormous amount of magical energy, it is a viable battle style for Ciel, who has the magical power of a hundred magi.

Her main attacks often use weaponry, in the style of “Blaze,” “Blade,” and “Break,” and her heavy armament features both brute force and magical enhancements.

Perhaps due to her specialization in destroying heretics, she is even more cold and unforgiving than usual.

Melty Blood: Type Lumina | Free DLC

Mario Gallo Bestino and Powered Ciel join Melty Blood: Type Lumina as free DLC on April 14, 2022.

SOURCE: MB Type Lumina Official Twitter

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