Bringing on a mass flood of videos, E3 has also brought about an onslaught of screenshots for various upcoming games. One of the games to receive some screenshot love is Valhalla Knights 3, which is being brought over to North American shores by XSEED Games. While all the screenshots are still in Japanese, it does not hamper the stunning visuals of the game which can be viewed below. Some of the images included show aspects of the 7-on-7 battles, various different landscapes, both indoor and outdoor, several different races and a nice variety of monsters. To accompany the screenshots, here is a brief story summary of the game:

A prison castle on the frontier of a war-torn continent, a land governed by lawlessness…

 Money, women and life itself are taken by the strong and stolen from the weak. It’s a world where dreams can come true or be crushed flat, all based on strength and wits. You are among a group of hardened criminals who have been incarcerated in this forgotten stronghold for committing unspeakable acts, but perhaps all is going according to plan…

 Of course, should you fail to accomplish the subterfuge with which you’ve been tasked, nothing awaits you but a cold, empty Your ultimate goal? To claim the ‘Irredeemable Sinner’s Inheritance’ – a treasure which, they say, may only fall into the hands of the most unrepentant of felons, a true villain who’s sold his soul to the devil.

 In this primal land the only law is the law of survival, and nice guys not only finish last, but perish altogether.

While the recent screenshots don’t show it, the third installment of Valhalla Knight has an impressive level of customization in the game, some things included in this are character’s gender, select facial features and hairstyle, as well as skin color and other things like job classes that contain unlockable skills. A trailer was released to show some of these customization and others can be viewed here! Released May 23, 2013 in Japan, Valhalla Knight 3 has made the best debut in the series so far. The North American release is set for September 3, 2013 on the PlayStation Vita. Source

Chantal Del Puppo
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