Killer is Dead - Gigolo Mission Gift
It’s like a gift for the fans

While XSEED has not publicly stated anything as of yet, a following Twitter post by somebody participating at XSEED’s E3 booth claimed that there is a dual-audio option for Killer Is Dead. Meanwhile, another tweet by Deep Silver, Killer Is Dead‘s European publisher, confirmed dual-audio for the game had been posted, figuring that “the fans would want it.”

With the exception of two trailers by XSEED that were released in English, we’ve been seeing Japanese trailers for Killer Is Dead as of late, as most of them were released by the game’s Japanese publisher, Kadokawa Games. For those who haven’t heard the characters’ voices in English yet (or have forgotten about them), you can hear them in the trailer below:

Killer Is Dead is releasing in Japan from Kadokawa on August 1st on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game is also releasing in Europe  from Deep Silver during August, but at a different time. XSEED has yet to post the release date for North America, but it’s been confirmed for a summer release. There is no word yet, however, about the “Premium Edition” that is releasing in Japan.

As someone who likes to hear vocal interpretations from all sides of the world, I am grateful that we are hopefully getting this option.

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