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In Natsume’s Hometown Story for the 3DS (formerly Project Happiness), you manage an item shop and help build up the town around you. Personally, I see it as sort of like a cross between Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale and a dash of the Rune Factory series.

Today, I present quite a few screenshots of the game that were revealed today, followed by a trailer from E3.

001 002
003 004
005 006
007 008
009 010
011 012
013 014
015 016
017 018
019 020
021 022
023 024
025 026
027 028

The trailer reveals more about the dynamic of the game. You’ll go out to find items to sell, then use them to make your shop successful. As your item shop grows, so will the town, and more and more people will flock to you. The decisions you make will affect not only your character and the shop he or she runs, but everyone around you.

What are you looking forward to in Hometown Story?


Phil Schipper
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