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Today the rogue-like Ed-0: Zombie Uprising has launched. Set in an alternate Edo period where zombies have begun infesting Japan, you can choose between a ninja, samurai, and a sumo wrestler to take on the undead. There are a number of different difficulty modes, along with an “EDO Shader” to give a new look to the game. You can take a look at the press release below.

OAKLAND, CA – July 13, 2023 – It’s time for OEDO-ZOMBIE! D3Publisher Inc., a leading Japanese games publisher, along with developer LANCARSE Ltd. today launched their zombie-filled survival rogue-like action title, Ed-0: Zombie Uprising for PlayStation®5Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. Originally in Early Access on Steam starting in April 2022, the full global launch of the game comes with numerous new content additions and updates resulting in over 100 gameplay hours. Ed-0: Zombie Uprising is available for purchase digitally for a MSRP of $29.99 / €28.99.

Designed for brutal strategic battles in a rogue-like format, Ed-0: Zombie Uprising takes place in a fictional Edo-era Japan where hordes of hungry zombies have raided the isolated country. No dungeon run will be the same, so players’ judgment will be of the utmost importance, having to face “once-in-a-lifetime” challenges with a wide variety of random elements amid dangerous foes. Ed-0: Zombie Uprising includes various undead enemies, ranging from “newly interpreted” Japanese zombies to foreign invaders born after the “Zombie Industrial Revolution.” Players will unlock more as they play (and succeed) with an increasing number of possibilities to customize builds to their liking—with the option to bump up the level of difficulty to test one’s capability.

Launch Features

The launch of Ed-0: Zombie Uprising adds a suite of new content including the Ninja as a playable character, five new stages and additional challenge stages and side quests, new bosses and enemy types, Blessings, in-game events, additional character-build options, and more. With the release of version 1.0, D3PUBLISHER has also taken time to address community feedback and implement quality-of-life updates to make for a better overall gameplay experience. The team has improved the overall rogue-like and action elements, strengthened the utility of Charms, Secret Arts, and items, and added new difficulty options (+Hard, Hell, and Edo) to give players even more flexibility in how they play. Lastly, the team has added an “EDO Shader” option that adds a fun twist to the visual style.

For additional information on Ed-0: Zombie Uprising, please visit the official Discord, the community page on Steam, and D3PUBLISHER Inc. to keep up with upcoming content and news. Fans eager to fight back against the zombie horde can also visit the official strategy guide website. This title has been rated “M” for Mature by the ESRB.


D3PUBLISHER, a member of BANDAI NAMCO group, is a Japanese video game publisher. Established in 1992, the company has published console and mobile/online games from some of the industries most beloved franchises and series, including EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5, Onechanbara, the Simple series, and more. For more information, visit https://www.d3p.co.jp.

Ed-0: Zombie Uprising is now available digitally on Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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