DragonFang: Drahn’s Mystery Dungeon is a free-to-play RPG by Degica Games and Toydea that features rogue-like elements and, as announced in a press release, will soon be making it’s way to Steam.

In DragonFang: Drahn’s Mystery Dungeon the player assumes the role of Drahn, a dragonian, who must traverse dangerous randomly generated dungeons with the help of a fairy companion. It features tactical combat with a large variety of monsters where the player must make full use of their skills and wits to survive. Among these skills are over 150 “monster fangs”, items that can be equipped (up to three) that give Drahn different abilities and strengths.

DragonFang: Drahn’s Mystery Dungeon launches on Steam February 3rd. Start playing right away and you will be rewarded with special perks each day you log in from the 3rd – March 1st. Checkout the press release below for more details:

January 27th, 2020—Degica Games and Toydea are pleased to announce that the hit free to play Mystery Dungeon RPG featuring rogue-like tactical dungeons and tons of monster to equip and grow will be coming to Steam!
Full PC remake of the free to play Roguelike RPG for steam.
Drahn the dragonian boy and his trusty mentor the fairy go on adventures in fiery caves, lofty peaks and underwater shrines, as they try to figure what is causing the disturbance in draconic forces.
Dragonfang is a fantasy rogue-like RPG. Adventure in randomly generated dungeon, where no two trip will be the same. Each step of the way, you can take time to analyze the situation and decide the best action from using the items you picked up, use the powerful charged skills of the monster fangs you equipped, attack or even run away to a better position. These decisions will be key to a successful adventure.
■Over 150 monster fangs to train and equip.
You can select and equip up to 3 monster fangs to borrow their strength in your dungeoning.
There are over 150 of them, from cute to cool and unique ones, all with different skills and strength. Choose your favorite and level them up to become stronger.
■Release event: cool items and more emeralds to get you on the way!
To celebrate the release on Steam, log in daily will get you cool items to start up including summoning tickets. Moreover the bonus emeralds you get for buying packs of 5 emeralds and more will be doubled!
Start now!
 Release login sheet campaign
 【Period】 Feb, 3rd – Mar, 1st
 【Details】 Log in 14 days during the period to receive free emeralds (in-game money), emerald stars and a SR or better guaranteed summon ticket. (login does not need to be on consecutive days)
 Double bonus emerald campaign
 【Period】 Feb, 3rd – Feb, 10th
 【Details】 During the period, when you receive bonus emeralds from buying an emerald pack, the free emerald amount is doubled.
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