Tales of Xillia Screenshot 16

Namco Bandai has released two new videos for their highly anticipated title, Tales of Xillia. Once again, they are highlighting two out of six playable characters in the group, this time Rowen and Leia. Showcasing their strengths, arts, and a bit of combos, and more on their English voice acting.

Leia –

A bright and very emotionally expressive girl. She knows Jude from their childhood. While helping out at the family inn, she is studying to become a nurse at Jude’s parents’ Mathis Clinic. She has a warm heart and cares for others’ feelings, but she tends to care too much, bearing herself with distress. A lover of fighting and sport games, she easily becomes heated, but believes what’s important is to make your best effort rather than winning or losing. While sometimes feeling down from her mistakes, she is a hard worker and always pushes to do her best.

Rowen –

Old butler serving House Sharil, one of the high houses of Rashugal. He is always calm and keeps graceful and polite manners. Having talent in spirit artes, he is the strategist supporting the party with his experience and plans rather than with raw power, but he is also naturally lightens up the situation with his cute jokes. He has a wide range of knowledge, superb analytical abilities and determination, enabling him to always be one step ahead. There is a more aggressive side to him that sometimes shows through his piercing eyes, when he deviates from his normally soft expressions.

Tales of Xillia is a PlayStation 3 exclusive and will arrive in North America on August 6th, and August 9th in Europe.

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