Super Heroine Chronicles Trailer

Super Heroine Chronicles, Namco Bandai’s recently announced simulation RPG, received its very first teaser trailer today. Super Heroine Chronicles is a crossover game similar to Super Robot Wars and is set to be released on the PS3 and the Vita. The game features an awesome cast of characters from anime across the board, and we get to see all of them in action in this trailer:

As mentioned in the initial announcement, the game’s setting is an Akihabara school, and the game play will consist of turn-based strategic combat. Alongside its impressive anime cast, Super Heroine Chronicles will also feature some original characters. Most of the details have not yet been revealed, but if the trailer is any indication then things are looking promising.

Naturally there is no word of a North American release this early on, but it’s certainly too early to abandon hope. Perhaps with Project X Zone, Namco Bandai’s collaboration with SEGA and Capcom, seeing a release here next month, there is a chance to see Super Heroine Chronicles receive a Western release as well.


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