Atelier Lydie and Suelle
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Atelier Crossover Game Announced for PS4, Switch and Vita

Atelier Lydie and Suelle

A brand new game in the Atelier game series has been announced that brings together the series main heroines and more for one epic crossover. Game magazines Famitsu and Dengeki have revealed the game’s subtitle as Nelke of the Legendary Alchemists, as well as other details about the game. Nelke, the daughter of a noble who lacks the ability to use alchemy, is tasked with building a frontier town for her father. As you develop the town, characters from previous games in the series will come visit and help you along the way. Previous series characters include Ayesha, Meruru, Marie, Sophie and Vayne, with more characters to get revealed in the future. The characters will not be exact the same as they were from the previous games, and will have new background stories to fit in this new world.

While the main character of this game is not an alchemist, you will still be able to gather material, fight battles, and help with synthesis, along with the new town-building element. Gust will be treating this game as a spin-off of sorts with more traditional games in the series a possibility in the future. The game is set to release in Japan this year for PS4, Nintendo Switch and PS Vita.


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