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When it was announced that Europe would be getting a demo for Project X Zone, followed shortly after by an announcement for its second demo, people questioned if North America would be getting its own demo. Well, it seems Namco Bandai has finally answered the call. North American fans will be getting their first taste of Project X Zone next week. The demo, titled “Imperial Demo,” will be available on June 4th via the Nintendo eShop. If you’re in the PAL region and still have not tried out the first demo, here’s our impression.

Project X Zone is a Nintendo 3DS exclusive and is slated for release in North America on June 25th; July 4th in Australia; and finally July 5th in Europe. Be sure to pre-order to get that sweet first print run limited edition. As the name implies, it will cost the same as the standard version, but is only included with the first batch.


David Fernandes
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