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So with all the news about tigers, samurai, and fighting forces from the dark side of the moon, Famitsu has reported that Kadokawa Games will release “Premium Editions” for Killer Is Dead‘s first production run. Titled Killer Is Dead Premium Edition, it will come with a reverseable cover jacket with a DLC code attached, and will run at the same price as the regular edition for the game. For those waiting to get Killer Is Dead, the Premium Edition is definitely a bargain.

The article came with a few neat images too. Take a gander:

killer is dead betty famitsu killer is dead mondo shoot wall famitsu

The DLC code will include a bundle called “Beauty & The Beast & The Lingerie”, which are requirements to unlock three secret missions in Killer Is Dead. There is a gigolo mission called “The Temptation of Ms. Vampire”, followed by a peeping tool that can help during gigolo missions, and an execution mission between a mysterious “Sebastian” and Betty, the fourth Mondo Girl. The execution mission, according to Famitsu, goes by the name of “The Man Who Takes Blood”.

Killer Is Dead, along with the Premium Edition, is releasing in Japan August 1st. XSEED will handle North American distribution, and Deep Silver will handle European distribution. Although there is no word on a Premium Edition releasing overseas, North Americans may count on XSEED to come up with some kind of bonus, given its reputation in delivering special pre-order items and reverse-able covers.


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