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Courtesy of Nintendo Force magazine, we have some exciting new details for upcoming 3DS eShop game Treasurenauts from Renegade Kid. Set for a Q4 2013 release, Treasurenauts features local multiplayer and will utilize a similar engine to that seen in Mutant Mudds,  though it will resemble a 16 bit game graphically. The titular Treasurenauts are a merry band of eight firearm, bomb or sword-wielding misfits, adventurers and heroes, all joined together by their common thirst for gold.

Treasurenauts | oprainfall
That far right Naut looks suspiciously similar to a certain bespectacled Mudd whacker…

Gold, fittingly enough, serves as the health meter for characters. Getting hit will cause you to lose your precious hoard, and as in Sonic games, quick thinking will allow you to reclaim some of your lost booty. The world map will resemble that seen in Super Mario World, and will be a treasure map with a wealth of locations to unlock.

By beating bosses in the game, players will unlock new abilities that allow access to previously inaccessible locations, similar to classics such as Super Metroid or Castlevania Symphony of the Night. It will also sport multiple endings, greatly increasing replay value. You can also control two heroes in a given level, using one to help the other advance by pressing on switches and the like.

All I know is this game can’t get to the eShop soon enough!



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