Last month, Nyu-Media started a Kickstarter campaign to support the English translation and release of a trilogy of shoot-em-ups known as The Tale of ALLTYNEX. The Kickstarter ended yesterday, and 334 backers have pledged $14,166. Their original goal was $4999, so the Kickstarter ended up closing with the project being 292% funded.

If you are familiar with doujin shoot-em-ups, you may know one of the games featured in this trilogy. Kamui (pictured above) is often considered to be one of the best doujinshi shoot-em-ups. The game is actually being featured as the third chapter of the trilogy. They also plan on adding an all new “TATE” (vertical) mode for this English release. The other two games in this bundle are ALLTYNEX Second (which is actually the first chapter) and RefleX. 

This project was fully funded within 19 hours and is currently a part of Steam’s Greenlight program. If you are looking for some nice shoot-em-up action on your computer, definitely check these games out when they get released.  You can play a demo of Kamui here.


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Justin Guillou
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