Amiibo Retro Pack Event


Some of you may have heard about a rumored GameStop event this Saturday where you can preorder the Retro 3-Pack of Amiibo figurines early. The pack itself will launch on September 25th, but this event may be a good chance to nab one if you want one. GameStop’s Retro 3-Pack event was confirmed via their mobile app. The event is scheduled for Saturday, August 8th. GameStop stores will open one hour early, at which point you can preorder the Retro 3-Pack of Amiibos. The pack includes Duck Hunt, Game & Watch, and R.O.B. Amiibos.

It looks like you may not need a GameStop Pro membership to preorder the Retro 3-Pack, but there are rumblings that some stores may require you to sign up at the time you make your preorder. As such, you should be prepared to pay for a GameStop Pro membership just in case. If you do try to make it to this event, you’ll want to be there as early as possible in case they sell out as they have in the past. Amiibo hasn’t had the best track record for meeting demand, after all.

For those of you considering waiting to get these Amiibo at a later date, you should know that these three Amiibo will ONLY be sold in this 3-Pack. This is an unfortunate move for those who don’t want to get all three of them. It would be nice to collect all of the Amiibos, but Nintendo has dropped the ball repeatedly when it comes to meeting demand. Part of the idea is to collect them all, but it’s similar to Pokémon in that regard. They make getting them all nearly impossible. In the case of Pokémon, it’s due to the special Pokémon giveaway events that require you to go to a store in a lame attempt to drum up some more sales at said store (and you have to play through a number of games to catch ’em all). For Amiibo on the other hand, it’s because of ridiculously low supplies of said Amiibos. Hopefully some of these issues can be remedied in the future.



Michael Fontanini
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