Killer is Dead Betty 1

Announced by Japanese publisher Kodokawa Games, the first-print-run copies of Suda 51’s Killer Is Dead will include Betty, the fourth Mondo girl, as bonus in-game content. She was teased very briefly in a Famitsu article as one of the new girls, though very little is known about her. More information as to who Betty is, her age, or personality is yet to be revealed.

Killer is Dead Betty 2 Killer is Dead Betty 3

Additionally, those who buy Killer is Dead as part of its first print will also have access to a pair of in game “Black Gigolo Glasses.” These glasses allow Mondo to look through women’s clothing, but there is something mysterious about them that hasn’t been explained at the moment. More detail about the Black Gigolo Glasses is yet to be revealed. Gigolo Glasses are used during Gigolo Missions, where Mondo dates women and looks through their clothes, and boost their relationships with him.

Killer is Dead Black Gigolo Glasses

Last but not least, Kadokawa has released a new video for Kid TV, the promotional online talk show for Killer Is Dead. Aside from the scantily clad idols cosplaying as Vivian, Mika, and Scarlett; Suda 51 makes an appearance talking about the game. There is plenty of action and Gigolo Mission footage in the video. You can watch it below:

Killer Is Dead will be released worldwide this summer, with XSEED Games handling US distribution, and Deep Silver for the European version. While there is no solid release date for the North America besides Summer 2013, Europe will be receiving its copies sometime in August.

Hopefully we can learn more about Betty and the Gigolo Glasses, and if the Western version will be treated with the same bonus.


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