Kemco has revealed information about their newest Android-based game, Bonds of the Skies, an RPG whose story is about the “bonds of friendship, between humans and gods.” Bonds of the Skies takes place in the world of Ricktilde, where gods called “Grimoas” existed. As many generations have passed, humans have forgotten the existence of the Grimoas, and they have become less relevant in everyday life.

In the current age, the main character, Eil, undergoes a Coming-of-Age ceremony by the head Priest of his town, when suddenly a demon covered in flames disrupts the ceremony. Eil soon makes a pact with the air Grimoa Nodarg in the midst of the chaos to save his town. Now Eil and Nodarg set out to look for the other Grimoas, and hunt down the demon responsible for the violence back at his home.

Bonds of the Skies appears to have a similar presentation to SNES-era RPGs along the veins of Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and a little bit of Secret of Mana — as far as the sprites go. The battle system appears to be turn-based, and the first-person view against battling enemies has a very strong sense of homage to the 16-bit era.

The game is currently available on Android devices. The regular price for the game is $7.99, but it is currently on sale for only $2.99. While not recommended, users can also purchase Folklore Points, or FLP, to enhance their gameplay experience by buying new items, or unlocking extra dungeons, which are not related to the main story.

To learn more about the Bonds of the Skies, visit the official page.

Here are some screenshots from the game:

Bonds of the Skies | oprainfall Bonds of the Skies | oprainfall Bonds of the Skies | oprainfall Bonds of the Skies | oprainfall


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