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We’ve posted a couple times about Ghostlight’s plan to kickstart Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2’s launch in Europe if 1,800 copies of the game were pre-ordered. Well, the news is in, and the goal has been reached!

In a recent blog post, Ghostlight’s community manager, Ross Brierly, said the following:

I am delighted to say that Devil Survivor 2 has reached its pre-order target!  A massive (and I do mean MASSIVE) thank you to everyone who ordered the game or posted about it and helped us spread the word.  I knew we could count on you! I think you’re all aware by now, but we genuinely couldn’t have done this without your incredible support – you have all truly been the difference in making sure that Devil Survivor 2 receives its well deserved European release.

There you have it. The first attempt (to my knowledge) to fund a game’s release through pre-orders has been a success. Let’s hope this will convince other publishers to help take the risk out of the equation by this method.

Until the game’s release (still to be determined), here’s the official EU trailer!


Games in the Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor series are available on Amazon:

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