Fire Emblem: Awakening box art

Fire Emblem Awakening at Newegg

Great news for Fire Emblem fans! If you missed out on purchasing Fire Emblem Awakening due to the scarcity of physical copies, or you adamantly refused to purchase digitally, then you may finally get your copy today. At, physical copies of Fire Emblem Awakening are available to order and can be yours at $34.99 with no additional shipping costs.

As Newegg is a reliable place to find hardware components and all other electronic goods (including video games) at cheap prices, products may sell out pretty quickly. There is no detail stating how many copies of Fire Emblem Awakening are in stock, but it is recommended to act quickly. So if you’re really stoked about getting this game — and saving 5-8 more dollars than this humble writer, mind you — then you should get started as soon as possible!

Fire Emblem Awakening
There is much more to this than meets the eye.

Fire Emblem Awakening
is the thirteenth installment of the legendary SRPG series developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. The game stars Chrom, the prince of Ylisse, who must use his royalty and warrior status to befriend allies, thwart opposing conquerors, and battle against a dark demonic dragon to prevent a destined zombie apocalypse. One of the most well-received Fire Emblem games in the franchise’s history, you may discover why our own Devin Kotani calls it “an excellent game, and a must have for every 3DS library.

Hopefully, you may get your copy in time to experience this game.


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