Phosphorescent Lantse I oprainfall

Good news for Japanese 3DS owners. A new title called Phosphorescent Lantse is headed to the eShop sometime later this year. Very little detail is available thus far, but going by the screenshots on the official site, it would appear that players either control a fighter plane, a girl in a mech suit, or some combination thereof. Given how Japanese fiction trends, I wouldn’t be even remotely surprised if the game involves some sort of mech girl who transforms into a fighter plane.

Either way, the game looks pretty, and if priced competitively, could be a shot in the arm for eShop purveyors. Also, I can’t help but compare this to Liberation Maiden, which was equally pretty. However, I sincerely hope Phosphorescent Lantse’s gameplay doesn’t stagnate as quickly as I found that Liberation Maiden’s did. Either way, here’s hoping the game gets localized soon so that players in the West can find out what it’s all about!


Josh Speer
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