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UDON Books On Sale At Right stuf For This Week

Muramasa Rebirth
Whaddya mean it’s not the same thing?

From today until May 2nd this week, all art books published by Udon Entertainment that are available on the website Right Stuf will be on sale, with a 33% discount from their regular retail prices. Fans of titles like Disgaea, Megaman, Shin Megami Tensei and more should definitely take advantage of this deal for the week, especially for those who shop regularly at the website.

Got Anime? members can save a little extra money by having an additional 4% added to their discounts.

Here are some brief images for the products currently on sale:

devil survivor cover

If you’ve read and enjoyed some of our previous articles onĀ Shin Megami Tensei art books, Devil Survivor: Official Material Collection Artbook will be running a decent price of $27.99, or $25.19 for Got Anime? members. We hope this may convince you in getting your hands on a copy.

Growlanser Art Works CoverAnother art book that we wrote about, Growlanser Art Works, will be on sale at $27.99 for regular shoppers, and $25.19 for Got Anime? members. For fans of Satoshi Urashihara’s art style who want to glean through the pages that are safer for work, this is certainly the product to get.


Takehito Harada Art Works 1 Cover Midori Foo Book of Pictures Cover

Like the two art books mentioned above, the Takehito Harada Art Works I book will be sold at $27.99, and $25.19 for Got Anime? members, and Midori Foo’s Book of Pictures will run at $31.99, and &28.34 for additional discounts.

So if you’re planning to take advantage of Right Stuf’s deal this week, you should definitely take a gander at all of their offerings by clicking here to see if you can find what you’d like. And remember that buying directly at Right Stuf supports the anime industry.

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