Etrian Odyssey Millennium Maiden

Etrian Odyssey: Millennium MaidenUnder Atlus’ recruitment, renowned animation studio Madhouse (Hunter X Hunter: Phantom Rouge, Ninja Scroll, Paranoia Agent) will be in charge of producing the opening animation and various cutscenes for Etrian Odyssey: Millennium Maiden. There is no additional word by either Atlus or Madhouse at this time as to whom will be involved in the production. But given its pedigree for making well-animated shows and movies for many years, it is likely to have a very strong production crew.

Madhouse has produced animated sequences for Atlus games before, such as the opening intro for Persona 4 Golden, and both the introduction and various cutscenes for Persona 4 Arena. Judging by the art style for Etrian Odyssey, and the sharp contrasting tonalities between light and shadow, it would appear that the sequences can be incredibly stylized; but that is yet to be determined.

Etrian Odyssey: Millennium Maiden is a modernized rendition for the very first game in the Etrian Odyssey series. Something of a re-imagning, this new installment will incorporate canonical characters to be playable for the main story mode, and allow players to make custom characters in the same campaign, like it was meant to be played for fans of the series.

The game is set to release in Japan on June 27. We will have our eyes and ears open for a Western release at a later time.


Andy Na
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