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Witch and Hero

Craving some 8-bit RPG action reminiscent of the Ys series? Then Circle Entertainment’s Witch and Hero is itching for your attention.  Witch and Hero tells the story of a Hero and a companion Witch-turned-statue filled with a burning hate towards Medusa, and their quest to cut/magic missile her down. What causes all this hate, you may ask? Well, Medusa leaves destruction and bad vibes wherever she plants her scum-ridden feet. It also doesn’t help that Medusa annihilates  the dynamic duo at the start of the game– sending the mutilated Hero and Witch-turned-statue back to Level 1.

Witch and Hero
Medusa has evil written all over her.

As stated above, the gameplay very much resembles Ys when playing as the Hero. For example, the “short-sword” mechanics make it appear as though you’re simply bashing the Hero into his enemies. The Witch, on the other hand, is in a remote location of each level, frozen in place (because she is a statue), whilst drawing the attention of the monsters roaming around the map, and it’s the Hero’s goal to protect her from incoming attacks. If you fail to protect her, then an imminent “game over” screen awaits you, and you’ll miss out on the boss fight at the end of the mission. While it may sound like escort mission after escort mission, there is a catch! If the Hero presents the petrified Witch with the blood of their enemies, she is temporarily returned to normal, allowing the use of her devastating magic.  Along with blood being an enemy drop, you’ll receive experience, coins and treasure chests filled with health, experience and extra coins. The coins collected can be used in the game’s shop to upgrade your attack, defense and speed stats, as well as upgrade the Witch’s many spells.

Lastly, I’ll leave you withWitch and Hero‘s most recent trailer:

Does this seem like a hidden gem you will soon be adding to your 3DS eShop collection?


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