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XSEED Games has taken to Twitter and Facebook in the attempt to alleviate any fear or worry concerning Pandora’s Tower being delayed. The game needs no introduction around here, so I will skip right to the information. Pandora’s Tower will be shipping tomorrow and it has not been delayed!

When asked on Twitter  if the game will ship tomorrow or be available at GameStop tomorrow XSEED Games answered with “Hopefully both,” but they did say that some retailers may not have it until Wednesday.

On Facebook, XSEED Games have also been answering questions and doing their best to keep the fans well informed on the shipping date for Pandora’s Tower by saying “… our dates are always ship dates so Pandora’s Tower technically starts shipping tomorrow, 4/16. With that said, we usually try shipping a little earlier than our formal ship date, so PT could start showing up at stores as early as tomorrow.”

As the fine folks at XSEED said, “fear not” Pandora’s Tower will ship tomorrow, April 16, 2013. The wait is almost over!

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