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Would you like a chance to win a copy of Dark Souls II that is autographed by the development team? The Dark Souls II Shield Design Contest offers you a chance at just that. In addition to getting the game, your shield design will be used in the game, and you will receive full credit for your design. The contest is being held through a Facebook App, and there will be 3 winners in total. One winner per shield template.

Dark Souls II Shield Design Contest

To participate in this contest, head on over to the contest page. You will need to click “Like” on the page, and then you enter into the details and contest description.  From this page you can download a shield template; there are 3 to chose from. You can also view other submissions from the page as well as a list of the prizes. When you click to enter the contest you will be taken to an app that will give you everything you need. Fill out the form under the tab titled “Participate,” and then download the shield template that is relevant to you. They are listed by EU, US and JP/Asia.

Recommendations –  (From the contest page)

  • Design must be a JPG, PNG or GIF image.
  • Resolution maximum : 72 dpi
  • Format : 1200x1200px
  • Size : 1Mo max.
  • You can post only 3 designs. Templates are designed for specific terrotories (see rules).
  • European : take the EU-Template
  • American : take the US-Template
  • Japan/Asia : take the JP/Asia-template
  • Take care to use the good Template corresponding to your continent.
  • Your design will be subject to moderation before being posted to the design Gallery.


  • Dark Souls II – signed by the development team
  • Your design will appear in game
  • Full credit will be given to the winners

The rules of the contest can also be found on the contest page. I will spare you the boring details of every single rule but below are a couple of bullet points.


  • Must be 18 years of age to participate
  • Must agree that the contest itself can be changed or cancelled at any time
  • Facebook is in no way responsible for anything related to the contest


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