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Level-5 has a few new exciting things going on. To start with we have the return of the black box, followed up with an incoming sales announcement. The black box, which we have seen today has brought about the speculation that maybe the Guild02 games will be coming our way. With a Nintendo Direct right around the corner, while we can still speculate to our hearts content, we may find out something then. Either way, the buzz is certainly going around over this black box!


Now for the game sale goodies; Level-5’s Guild01 games Liberation Maiden, Crimson Shroud and Aero Porter will be on sale from Thursday April 18, 2013 until April 30, 2013. The games were first announced to be on sale in Europe and we have since found out that they will be available on the North American eShop for the sale prices as well.


  • Aero Porter — Sale price $2.99 – Regularly $4.99
  • Liberation Maiden — Sale price $4.99 – Regularly $7.99
  • Crimson Shroud — Sale price $4.99 – Regularly $7.99
Aero Porter | Screenshot
Aero Porter

Manage the operation of your very own airport. Give Aero Porter a try and see if you can keep up with luggage, handle security and more!

Liberation Maiden | Screenshot
Liberation Maiden

Liberation Maiden is a full 3-D shooter that features breathtaking animations, fully voiced dialog and much more!

Crimson Shroud | Screenshot
Crimson Shroud

Crimson Shroud is an RPG that features a story by Yasumi Matsuno and character illustrations by Hideo Minaba.


Stick with us folks, we will keep you up to date as more information is known about both the Nintendo Direct and this mysterious new “black box.”


Crystal Colwell
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