Top 10 Swords
Falchion and Parallel Falchion. Neither one made it.

We have done numerous Top “X” lists on this site in the short time we’ve been up. Most of those have been console-based with a few non-game lists on special occasions, such as our Top 5 Moments of 2012 for New Year’s, Top 6 (?) Unrequited Loves for Valentine’s Day, the Top 10 Monsters of Monster Hunter Tri when MH3U released, and the questionably voted Top 10 Scariest Enemies for Halloween (I can say that because I wrote the article). Out of the lists we’ve voted for so far, Top 10 Swords is arguably the most fun we’ve had debating and voting.

It has also been the most tedious as well. But a simple sword battle wouldn’t have been enough; not with all the great swords in video games. To do the weapon justice, we needed to hold a proper tournament.

50 swords started the fight, with 10 surviving the first rounds. But only 1 stands victorious at the end.

So, which sword, when all allies are nowhere to be found, would be the one we grab for? Which is the one we take headlong into a swarm of enemies when there is nowhere left to run? Which is the one that gets us so psyched that we yell to world “Come at me, bro?!” These are our Top 10 Swords in all of Video Gamedom

But before we begin, here are the honorable mentions that fell in battle:

  • Soul Edge from the Soul series
  • The Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts
  • Dagger of Time from Prince of Persia
  • Z-Saber from Mega Man X
  • Sol Blade from Golden Sun
  • Gunblade from Final Fantasy
  • LAST CUT: Falchion from Fire Emblem

There will also be spoilers in this. You have been warned.

10. Valentine from Soul Calibur

Top 10 SwordsWielded by “The Twisting Blade of Solitude” herself, Isabella “Ivy” Valentine, the Valentine is one of the more unique swords to make the list. The sword is whip-like in that it is segmented into smaller parts. It can also expand and contract at will and, like the Soul Edge and Soul Calibur swords, has life force. A dangerous weapon that should give enemy combatants pause.

9. Sword of Mana from the Mana series

Top 10 SwordsOne of the legendary weapons, the Sword of Mana was first introduced to us as just this rusted piece of metal. It wasn’t until we pulled it from the stone, ala King Arthur, that we realized that it was holding back the monsters that terrorize the world. Despite this being the only thing that truly separates the Sword from the other weapons in the game, the Sword of Mana is still one of the more memorable weapons in video games.

8. Muramasa from Muramasa: The Demon Blade

Top 10 SwordsTechnically not one sword but a series of swords in the game, each sword was masterfully created and had certain powers that separated it from others in the game. But who really cares about that; we just like hackin’ and slashin’ with these things. Sheathing a sword starts a healing process. And when it’s fully rejuvenated, you can unleash a devastating attack that kills everything on screen – aside from bosses. No wonder this sword carved a comeback in the final elimination rounds.

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Jeff Neuenschwander
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