Agarest: Generations of War logo

Agarest: Generations of War cover art

UK publisher Ghostlight has submitted Agarest: Generations of War (what Americans and Canadians know as Record of Agarest War) to Steam Greenlight for approval. This Windows version of Idea Factory’s tactical RPG may be based off of the North American Xbox 360 version, according to Ghostlight’s Ross Brierley via Twitter. Ghostlight has also posted a trailer for the game.

At this time, we don’t have any more information (like release date, pricing, etc.), though Brierley promises more information to come on Ghostlight’s website. For now, anyone interested should head over to Steam Greenlight and give the game a “Yes”—assuming, of course, that you actually want this game and that I’m not alone in wanting it. That’s not the case, right?


Guy Rainey
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