3DS Bravely Default

One of the greater mysteries in the 3DS JRPG library is how a game like Project X Zone, with all the licensing issues involved and characters like Kurt and Riela from Japanese-exclusive games, is being localized for a US release, and yet the massively successful, not to mention wholly original, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy is stuck on Japanese shores with no announced US translation. Despite teases from a Twitter account that claims to be official, Square Enix has been completely silent on a US release. However, get out your salt shakers, as Siliconera is reporting today that they are certain Bravely Default will get a US release based on “multiple trusted sources.”

It’s probably a little early to start the true hypebeasting, since we probably won’t know if it is coming until around E3 at the earliest. If the rumor becomes widespread enough, though, perhaps a quiet “yes” from Square Enix could be incoming. I do remember a voice actor (whose name sadly escapes me) talking during Salty Cupcakes, the Skullgirls stream, about an “upcoming, highly anticipated JRPG” he just finished recording lines for. Well, knowing that a lot of Bravely Default‘s marketing centered on its extensive voice acting, that could be the case.

Of course, at this point it’s all rumors and speculation, and to borrow a quote from Sherlock Holmes, at some point, you “end up twisting facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.” Even so, oprainfall has been hoping for a localization for quite a while.

What do you guys think? Hypebeast mode engage? Tentatively positive? Or waiting for some official word to come down the pipe?

Daniel Gulyas
Daniel is a third year business student from Texas who got his start in JRPGs with Final Fantasy 8 and has loved them ever since. His three biggest passions are video games, technology and baseball, with anime being a growing fourth. He occasionally Let's Plays on the side as a hobby.