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Very few people in the West know what Bravely Default: Flying Fairy is about, or even what it is. The idea behind these updates is to bring you up to speed with the details of the game. (Spoiler free of course) Keep in mind that a lot of details are hard to find with little to no translated details of the games story. The next character on our roster, is Edea Lee!

BDFF Bravely Default_Edea_Fighting

Edea Lee is one of the four main heroes in Bravely Default. She is a 15-year old girl from Eternia, who was raised to be a strong person by her father, who happens to be a high official in the military. She is deployed with the 4th Eternian Air Force Division, and meets Agnes while on a mission to capture her. However, while accompanying Ominous Crow (a black mage Jobmaster) to capture our main characters, Edea chooses to aid our heroes instead.

As we have said in the past, there is very little detail on these characters, so we apologize for the lack of information. Next time, we continue this series with Ringabell, the fourth and final hero on our roster!

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