Civilization V Brave New World

Firaxis has announced during a PAX East 2013 panel that the DLC expansion Civilization V: Brave New World will be released July 9 in North America for PC and July 12 internationally. It was part of an extensive discussion at the convention called Strategy Masterminds Mega Panel – Behind the Scenes at Firaxis Games.

The DLC expansion was first announced March 15, and will feature an overhauled culture and diplomacy system, along with the usual package of new civilizations, wonders, and scenarios. Firaxis has confirmed 9 new civilizations for the DLC expansion including Poland and Assyria. Also featured in Brave New World is a series crossover, with the introduction of a new XCOM Squad military unit. This will be an advanced unit with a wide range of attack on the world map.

Firaxis is also the developer of the XCOM series and discussed that series during their panel as well. They revealed an iOS port of the hit 2012 Strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which the developer has assured in interviews is a straight port with no “exceptions,” and therefore would be sold at a premium price. They also teased “what may be coming next” for the series, previewing story points, but did not specify whether it was a sequel or expansion.


Raymond Dwyer
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