Lagiacrus and Rathalos

The release of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate got us here at oprainfall thinking about where we have been as hunters. Monsters of all shapes and sizes have aggressed us in huge caves, volcanoes and frozen landscapes, and tested our reactions, aim and, in many cases, our patience. With that in mind, we thought it was time to give a little recognition to those monsters which some of us have literally spent hundreds of hours stalking and battling. This is our list for the Top Ten Monsters from Monster Hunter Tri.

Apologies to Great Jaggi, Royal Ludroth and the rest. We still love you… just not as much as these guys.

#10. Alatreon


This is it- the moment you’ve been working towards since you started playing online. All the hours of hunting, crafting weapons and armor, and building up your Hunter Rank has been for this. You’ve finally been offered the urgent quest to take on the final monster, the Elder Dragon Alatreon. You depart on your quest, enter the volcanic arena that will be the stage to your glorious battle and… sweet mother of mercy! Alatreon is definitely suitable as a final test for hunters. It’s agile, powerful and has command of fire, ice, lightning and dragon type attacks. With such a skill set, it’s impossible to cover all of your bases defensively. The key to success against Alatreon is quick feet, but also aggressive action. There’s very little room for error in this fight, and you know you’ve truly accomplished something when you bring this towering beast down.

#9. Qurupeco


In a roster that includes fire-breathing wyverns, lightning-shooting leviathans and dragons the size of an office building, it seems strange to find… a giant chicken? The Qurupeco’s comical appearance may make it seem weak, but looks can be deceiving. Using the flints attached to its wings, the Qurupeco can strike with a surprisingly painful fire-based attack. However, its real strength comes from letting others do the fighting. Using its skill in voice mimicry, the Qurupeco can call a variety of monsters to come to its aid, including a Barroth, Rathian, and even the terrifying and powerful Deviljho. While by no means the strongest monster in the game, Qurupeco shows that one does not need strength to make life hard for hunters.

#8. Deviljho


Have you ever wanted to fight a Tyrannosaurus Rex? With a sword or similar melee-oriented instrument? And how about the T-Rex is covered in spikes? And it has dragon breath and acidic saliva? You do? Really? Well, you’re crazy. Also, you’re in luck! Deviljho is all these things and more. During almost any high rank quest online, Deviljho can pop in and make life much more difficult for you. Early on, this can be incredibly challenging, as unprepared hunters still learning the ropes of the higher ranks can be killed outright by this brute wyvern. Hunters aren’t even able to officially hunt Deviljho until after they have beaten Alatreon. Deviljho is arguably the most difficult monster to hunt in the entire game. While it may not be as durable as Alatreon, it hits just as hard, if not harder. Plus, it doesn’t telegraph its attacks as openly, making it much more dangerous to even approach. Essentially, Deviljho can be considered Monster Hunter Tri’s optional super boss.


Tyler Lubben
Tyler is a lifelong gamer, getting his start on the Intellivision when he was three years old. After receiving his English degree, he discovered all those jokes about getting a job in his field were true. As Head Editor with oprainfall, Tyler is able to bridge his two passions; playing and talking about video games at any given opportunity, and being a total grammar nazi the rest of the time.