VVVVVV is a game that should be etched in the hearts of many a platforming fan. Methinks its first spike in popularity had to be when it was part of Humble Indie Bundle #3, but since then it’s spread to other platforms, namely the Nintendo 3DS.

VVVVVV: Screenshot - oprainfall VVVVVV: Screen 003

Don’t know what VVVVVV is all about? Take the conventional platformer and turn it on its head—because the player, controlling Captain Viridian, can flip upside down and back again on a whim. While the story is somewhat weak, the level design is where this one shines. The gameplay starts out simple enough, but it becomes incredibly difficult as time goes on. Just to give you a clue—my number of deaths calculated by the game is 1,519, and I consider myself to be a somewhat seasoned platformer guy.

Told you that in order to tell you guys this- earlier today Tyrone Rodriguez from Nicalis tweeted this:

VVVVVV on PSVita - oprainfall

It seems like VVVVVV is headed to PSVVVVVVita. He made the joke, so I can too…right? No additional details are known at the moment, but you folks who haven’t picked it up yet can certainly add it onto the reasons to grab a Vita.

Okay, okay. Still not convinced? Do check out our review of the game on 3DS.

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Jonathan Higgins
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