Dungeon Defenders

Dungeon Defenders is a tower defense game on PC, Xbox Live Arcade and PSN that “blends the looting and leveling of action RPGs with the strategy and objectives of tower defenses.”  You can play alone or with up to three friends to protect your Eternia Crystal from the ancient evil. And now, you can team up with other players throughout the community and enter the Community XP event, exclusively for players on PSN.

The event will be held February 21, 2013 from 12-8 pm EST, and the idea behind it is to earn everyone a staggering amount of XP. Players will be able to team up and earn 50 million XP. That’s right, 50 million! Players who are selected to enter this event will be given the 50 million XP as well as some one-on-one time with the members of the community team, where they can ask questions or simply chat a bit.

Signing up is easy to do: simply comment in the Sign up thread with your name, PSN ID and what time of day you will be online. Players should use EST when assigning the time(s)s they will be online.  Signing up will not guarantee that you will be able to participate and entries will be randomly selected.

Players are also able to vote on which maps and modifiers they would like to use during this event. Sign-ups  end on February 19, 2013 at 11:59 am EST and the final participants list will be posted in a Console Event Google Document.

The game is currently being offered for free on PlayStation Plus.  A free game, the possibility of some great game play and 50 million XP? Sounds like it could be fun, to me!


Crystal Colwell
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