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Famitsu has revealed introductory biographies and images for Garon and Felicia, characters from Capcom’s upcoming Darkstalkers Resurrection (known as Vampire Resurrection in Japan), an HD compilation of Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge and Darkstalkers 3. Below is a translation of the biographies. Thank you to Will Whitehurst for translating the material. Darkstalkers Resurrection will go on sale March 12 (PSN) and 13 (XBLA) in North America, March 13 (PSN/XBLA) in Europe, and March 14 (physical) in Japan for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


The Fang That Howls Distress, Garon

Vampire Resurrection—Garon

With human and wolf blood, Garon is a man suffering on the threshold. This man, who tested his limits in believing he can turn back into a human, immersed himself in training even when he had his immature dreams of becoming a fighter crushed. Afterward, although he became the shape of a human, his curse has not made him perfect…

Garon’s Play Style

Garon trifles with his opponents with a fast moving speed, a quick dash and a piercing dive. With his beast cannon, he can jolt an opponent’s guard move. Even above ground and in the sky, this can give pressure to an opponent, leading to victory. Also, the Vampire Saver supplement move “Moment Slice,” a little move with big damage, is Garon’s forte.

The Dancing Pretty Beast, Felicia

Vampire Resurrection—Felicia

In a small town in America, below the doors of a fallen church, a baby was left behind. This baby was brought up by the determined Sister Rose, who named her Felicia after Felicity, or “God’s blessing.” As Felicia grew up, various changes could be seen in her body, proving her existence as a catwoman. After Sister’s death, Felicia became a musical star who sang and danced, and her inhuman body was a charming point.

Felicia’s Play Style

With fast mobile speed and attack speed, Felicia’s style stirs opponents. Her “Rolling Buckler” slips through projectiles, and that’s but one of Felicia’s arts. She goes left and right, making her difficult to capture, don’t you think? While she has a similar fighting style to Garon, she has many unique features and arts.

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