Erased Blu Ray

Aniplex have announced that the popular anime series Erased is coming to Blu-ray. There will be two releases with Volume 1 coming out on October 18th 2017 and the second one on January 24th, 2017. The English cast will be:

Satoru Fujinuma – Ben Diskin
Young Satoru Fujinuma – Michelle Ruff
Kayo Hinazuki – Stephanie Sheh
Sachiko Fujinuma – Sara Cravens
Airi Katagiri – Cherami Leigh
Jun Shiratori – Max Mittelman
Gaku Yashiro – David Collins
Kenya – Erica Mendez
Hiromi – Christine Marie Cabanos
Osamu – Ryan Bartley
Kazu – Bobby Thong
Misato – Mela Lee
Kayo’s mother – Carrie Keranen


Justin Guillou
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