Speculation on whether or not Skies of Arcadia will be coming as an HD title can now be laid to rest… maybe. The trademark renewal that was done this past summer may not have been done simply to protect intellectual property. If an anonymous source close to SEGA is truthful, the stage could be set for the HD release of Skies of Arcadia. The latest rumor comes from the German print version of Gamereactor magazine.

Skies of Arcadia was initially a game created for the Dreamcast by Overworks. Reception of the game has been ridiculously positive, and the only downside that was stated over and over again was the all-too-frequent random occurring battles. That was said to be fixed for the GameCube version, and we can be sure it will be fixed for this remake if the rumors are founded. Fingers crossed on both accounts.

Skies of ArcadiaThere is no confirmation in regards to this classic SEGA RPG as of yet. As far as remakes go, it seems that SEGA is milking this avenue of revenue for all it’s worth with their old Dreamcast franchises/games. We can only hope that this game will be treated with the respect it deserves and that the visuals are boosted enough to validate the purchase of the HD for those who already own the old versions. Regardless of everyone’s view on remakes, this game is a gem that should definitely be picked up in any version. If you have a GameCube or Dreamcast, we highly recommend you track down this game.


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